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Long Island Marital Status Employment Discrimination Against Single Moms Lawyer

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Discrimination can occur in the workplace, not only on the basis of sex, but also on the basis of marital status – especially for single mothers. A number of workers are vulnerable to this type of discrimination. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that 10,606,000 adults with no partner present in the home are living with children under the age of 18.

Workplace discrimination against single moms falls under the category of marital status discrimination. It can appear in many forms, with some instances being more subtle or more obvious than others. For example, single women with children may be denied a promotion, dismissed from a position, passed over for hiring, or subjected to offensive and discriminatory comments from co-workers or supervisors.

In New York City and the state of New York, employees of companies with four or more employees are protected from marital discrimination under state law and Title 8 of the Administrative Code of the City of New York. Both the New York City Commission on Human Rights and the New York State Division of Human rights list marital status as a protected class under human rights laws.

If you have been the victim of marital status discrimination or harassment at work, Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP can help you. We can assist you in filing charges through the New York State Division of Human Rights or the New York City Commission on Human Rights. We can also develop a lawsuit on your behalf that seeks compensation for the losses you suffered due to marital status discrimination in the workplace.

Call us today or fill out our online contact form for a free review of your claim and advice about your legal rights.

Single mom who is treated unfairly and needs an experienced Long Island employment discrimination attorney.

Discrimination Against Single Mothers at Work

Single mothers face discrimination on several fronts. The fact that they are women historically places them lower than men in the workforce hierarchy. Inflexible work schedules can create a difficult situation for single working mothers. When work hours are inflexible and demanding, a single mother must juggle work and parenting, find suitable childcare, work long hours, and still find the energy needed for quality parenting.

If you believe that you are being treated differently from other employees simply because you are an unmarried female who is raising a child on your own, you may be the victim of marital status employment discrimination. Examples of such discrimination may include:

  • Promotions given to less qualified male employees, married women or women without children.
  • Companies with hiring profiles that exclude single women with young children.
  • Companies that impose work schedules on single mothers that they cannot meet because of their childcare obligations.
  • False on-the-job infractions made up to justify dismissing single mothers.
  • Forcing single moms to leave their jobs by creating a hostile work environment.

Legal Help for Victims of Marital Status Discrimination

If you believe that you have been a victim of marital status discrimination in New York, it is in your best interests to consult with our Long Island employment discrimination attorneys. At Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP our experienced attorneys help New York workers seek redress for improper and illegal treatment through employment discrimination claims.

Our dedicated legal team can analyze your case and work aggressively to pursue a valid claim on your behalf. Remedies may include:

  • Hiring if you were unlawfully denied employment.
  • Rehiring if you were fired.
  • Promotion to the position you lost, or an equivalent position.
  • Anti-discrimination policies implemented by your employer.
  • Financial damages, possibly including back pay for wages and compensatory damages for any physical injury, pain and suffering, or shock and discomfort you may have suffered because of the discriminatory treatment.

Employment law involves complex issues. If you are a single mother pursuing a claim for discrimination based on marital status, you need an employment lawyer with the experience and resources necessary to handle a challenging claim of this nature.

At Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP our Long Island employment discrimination attorneys are known for effective and aggressive representation of our clients. We can provide sound legal counsel and help you compile evidence and properly file your claim with the New York Division of Human Rights and the New York City Commission on Human Rights, and set the stage for our skilled lawyers to represent you in a lawsuit.

Contact us for an immediate case evaluation, free of charge. If you are single mother who is being illegally discriminated against in the workplace, you can have confidence that your marital status discrimination claim is in good hands with our firm.


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