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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents can be the result of careless or reckless behavior by a motorist, while parties in addition to a motorist could also be responsible for an accident. If you or a loved one have suffered negative outcomes because of a car, SUV, or truck accident, then a Glen Cove motor vehicle accident lawyer could help you seek compensation covering your losses. A lawyer can handle your insurance claim or lawsuit while you focus on recovering from your injuries or dealing with the loss of a loved one.

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Car Accidents May Be Caused By Negligence

The American Bar Association (ABA) lists negligence among the legal standards for fault in a motor vehicle accident. A person could also be responsible if they are strictly liable for the accident, or if their actions that caused an accident were not negligent—but instead intentional.

Every motorist has a duty of care, a legal principle explained by the Legal Information Institute (LII). The duty of care commands motorists to “act in the same manner as a reasonably prudent person in their position would.” In the context of a motor vehicle accident, acting with a duty of care means taking the steps necessary to prevent causing an accident.

Yet, accidents do occur. You or your loved one may have been the victim of such an accident. Some types of motorist negligence that may lead to an accident include:

  • Driving faster than the speed limit
  • Driving too closely to other vehicles
  • Driving while drunk, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes as a documented, potentially-fatal problem in the state of New York
  • Driving under the influence of drugs
  • Driving while using a cell phone
  • Driving while eating or drinking
  • Making illegal or dangerous turns
  • Failing to use turn signals, headlights, and other safety indicators
  • Driving a vehicle that is not safe for the road

Your accident may have been caused by a form of negligence not listed here. Whatever the cause of your accident is, a lawyer will determine who has fault for your losses. They will then seek compensation from those parties.

A Lawyer Will Make the Case for Compensation

Once your lawyer identifies who is responsible for your accident, they will make the argument that you are not responsible for your losses—instead, the person or people responsible for your accident are.

Responsible parties could include the motorist who directly caused your collision, and could also include parties such as:

  • Their employer
  • A vehicle or parts manufacturer whose product malfunctioned and contributed to your accident
  • A municipality who allowed dangerous road conditions

Your lawyer may follow a general blueprint for proving negligence with respect to your accident. That blueprint may include:

  • Establishing that the defendant owed you a duty of care
  • Showing that the defendant breached their duty of care to you
  • Proving a link between the defendant’s breach of duty of care and your accident
  • Linking your accident and the losses that you have suffered

This could be an important aspect of your case for compensation. A Glen Cove motor vehicle accident lawyer may have experience making these kinds of cases. Call the Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP today at (516) 358-6900 for more details about a lawyer’s services.

A Lawyer Will Handle Your Claim or Lawsuit From Start to Finish

Hiring a lawyer generally means that they will take on the entirety of your insurance claim or lawsuit in exchange for a fee. By agreeing to grant your lawyer a percentage of any winnings that you collect—an arrangement known as a contingency fee—you may have to deal with little to none of the claims or legal process.

The American Bar Association (ABA) explains that, under a contingency-fee arrangement, you will not have to pay your lawyer anything unless they win for you. Any fee that your lawyer does collect will come from your winnings, rather than your own pocket. In exchange for this promised fee, your lawyer may:

  • Collect evidence of your accident, including anything that shows your collision was caused by negligence or intentional wrongdoing
  • Deal with insurance companies in the case that you file an insurance claim
  • File a lawsuit, if that is the route that you pursue
  • Document your injuries
  • Calculate how much your accident has cost you in terms of losses
  • Hire experts to testify on behalf of your lawsuit
  • Represent you during any appearances required to complete your claim or lawsuit
  • Negotiate a settlement
  • Complete a trial, if your case calls for it

Your lawyer’s goal will be to obtain the compensation you deserve, based on the losses that have come from your motor vehicle accident.

Possible Losses from a Motor Vehicle Accident

You or your loved one may have already suffered greatly because of your motor vehicle accident, and you could experience more losses in the future. Your lawyer will aim to recover compensation for your present and future losses, which may include:

  • The cost of emergency transportation and care
  • The cost of hospitalization
  • The cost of medication and therapy
  • The cost of rehabilitation for your injuries
  • The income you lose while you are injured
  • Scarring or disfigurement
  • Damage to personal property, such as your vehicle
  • Pain and suffering

Your lawyer will survey all of your losses and seek compensation in return, all while you focus on getting better.

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Being in a motor vehicle accident can leave you unable to work (and with a significantly worse quality of life). One or more parties may owe you compensation for your accident-related harm. Call the Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP today at (516) 358-6900 for a free consultation about hiring a Glen Cove motor vehicle accident lawyer.

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