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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers on Long Island

Long Island Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Many millions of Americans are now being cared for in a nursing home. The number of us who are likely to need to be looked after in one of these institutions when we get older is expected to rise over the next few decades. Unfortunately, not every elder who is in a nursing home is treated to a dedicated and caring environment. In fact, there are considerable numbers of elders who are being abused right across New York and are suffering needlessly.

If you suspect that one of your loved ones is suffering from nursing home abuse, you should contact a nursing home abuse lawyer like Richard S. Jaffe Esq. at the Law Offices of Cohen & Jaffe as soon as possible.

Your loved one may not be capable of expressing themselves as well as they would like. In fact, some people who are in a situation of abuse are too frightened to reveal what is happening to them. However, there are several signs of nursing home abuse which may make you suspect that not everything is as it should be.

These signs include malnutrition as well as physical like bedsores, bruising and broken bones. You are in the best position to know whether any of these signs are suspicious. In some cases, they may appear because of an underlying illness which has already been diagnosed, or because the person who is being cared for has had an accident. However, they can also be due to neglect or physical violence being inflicted.

Signs of malnutrition should be taken very seriously, especially if there is no evidence that the person has had any history of an illness which could result in this condition. It is important to use an independent medical practitioner to give an informed diagnosis of the cause of the malnutrition. In some cases, nursing home abuse may take the form of neglect of a person’s basic needs, like a proper diet or feeding times. Denial of food can also be used by some staff to “punish” a resident of a nursing home for something which they feel is annoying them.

Bedsores can be a natural mark of someone who has been lying in one position for too long, especially when they have been ill or in hospital. However, bedsores are preventable and their presence on your loved one may be a sign that they are getting insufficient care and attention.

More serious signs include bruising or even broken bones which could indicate that your loved one has been deliberately harmed, either because they have actually been struck or knocked over or they have been neglected to such an extent that they have fallen over without any remedial treatment being given.

Our elders deserve to live their last years of life in safety and dignity without fear of abuse. Nursing homes have a license to operate which is meant to ensure that their residents are treated with diligence and care. If you suspect that any type of nursing home abuse has been occurring, you should contact Richard S. Jaffe Esq. as soon as possible for a free consultation. He will be able to give you clear and knowledgeable advice about whether you have reasonable grounds to file a lawsuit against the home concerned. It is often the success of such lawsuits which helps to maintain higher standards of care amongst these sorts of institutions

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