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Commercial Vehicle Accidents on Long Island

commercial vehicle accident lawyer

Commercial vehicles, which may include delivery vans and other large vehicles, often pose risks to other vehicles on the road similar to those posed by semi-trucks and 18-wheelers. Even smaller commercial vehicles, such as courier vehicles and taxicabs, can cause serious accidents that result in severe injuries to innocent people.

If you’ve been seriously hurt in a crash that was caused by the driver of a commercial vehicle, you have a right to compensation for your losses and should contact a Long Island accident lawyer immediately.

The Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP has handled thousands of car accidents on Long Island, and throughout New York metro area. We know what you are going through and can address urgent issues such as medical care, car repairs or replacement, and working with insurance companies to get you the compensation you deserve.

Contact us today for a free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney.

We are able to handle any type of commercial vehicle accident, including those involving:

  • Commercial and city buses
  • School buses
  • Delivery vans
  • Semi-trucks and 18-wheelers
  • Courier vehicles

  • Taxis
  • Moving trucks
  • Garbage trucks
  • Other commercial vehicles

What Makes Commercial Motor Vehicle Accidents Different?

The main complicating factor in an accident caused by the driver of a commercial vehicle is the fact that it happened “on the job.” Along with the driver and any injured victims, the driver’s employer may also be involved in any case. There may even be other parties as well, such as the company that rented out the vehicle or its manufacturer. In some cases, the business that owns the commercial vehicle may be located out-of-state.

Many commercial vehicles have the potential to do greater damage if they are heavy trucks, carrying hazardous material, or carrying many passengers. That’s why commercial vehicles are typically open to greater liability, and are required to maintain comprehensive insurance policies with higher limits.

While this means that there may be more sources of insurance and other resources to pay for a victim’s losses, it also means that there is more money on the line and a stronger incentive to fight a valid claim. That’s why you need your own strong advocate to stand up for your rights as a victim of a commercial vehicle accident.

Who May be Responsible for a Crash Involving a Commercial Motor Vehicle?

Commercial drivers are required to know the rules of the road and operate their vehicles in a safe manner in order to ensure the safety of others. Responsibility for accidents varies according to the case.

The at-fault driver and the driver’s employer may be held responsible in many cases. However, other parties may be responsible for the accident too. Examples include:

  • The company that leased the vehicle.
  • The company that owned or loaded the cargo.
  • The company that repaired or maintained the vehicle.
  • The manufacturer of a defective vehicle.

To determine responsibility, the evidence must be carefully reviewed. At Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP, we have significant experience handling auto accident claims of all kinds, including those involving commercial vehicles on Long Island and throughout the New York metro area.

How Our Personal Injury Lawyers can Help you Maximize your Compensation

At Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP, we have the resources to fully investigate your accident to find out what really happened and who is really to blame. We are prepared to pursue all available avenues of recovery to maximize your compensation.

We are committed to securing full damages from the at-fault driver, the owner of the commercial vehicle, their insurance company and any other responsible parties. Before you talk to an insurance adjuster, call our Long Island law firm or contact us online. Our commercial vehicle accident attorneys offer a free consultation, including evening and weekend appointments. We can even come to you.


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