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Workplace Injuries on the Rise

Work-Related Injuries Increasing

Workplace injuries can happen in any industry. A desk worker may trip over a power cord and break an ankle. A delivery driver may be involved in an accident in between jobs. A teacher may be injured while decorating a classroom. Many injuries are relatively minor and only require the employee to miss a day or two of work. However, did you know that, last year, every three days a worker actually lost a body part? Some workers lost legs; others may have lost the tip of a finger in work related injuries.

Although local and federal governments have laws and regulations in place to protect workers, the number of major accidents and injuries actually increased last year in multiple countries around the world. The increase occurred in spite of more frequent inspections and stricter enforcement in many places.

Workplace accidents that resulted in amputations rose from 117 in 2015 to 143 last year in Singapore. That’s more than a one-quarter increase in these serious injuries. Crushing, fractures, and dislocations increased from 323 to 329.

In addition to these serious, permanent injuries, minor injuries also increased. Roughly 12,948 workers suffered less serious injuries, such as sprains, cuts, and bruises. These injuries were up by 5 percent from the previous year.

Workplace injuries have also increased in the United States. In New York, for example, the total number of fatal injuries in 2015 was 236. In 2013, there were 178 fatal injuries. In just two years, the number of fatal workplace injuries rose by almost one-third in the state, a trend that is disturbing to many.

New York Workers’ Compensation Laws

New York law requires almost all employers to provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Volunteers and some other groups of individuals are not covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

Workers’ compensation coverage is available to qualifying employees if they are injured on the job. When an employee is injured, that employee files a claim with the state’s workers’ compensation board. The claim will be reviewed, and hearings may also be conducted in front of a workers’ compensation judge. The judge will decide if the employee is entitled to any compensation.

It is important to seek guidance from a New York workplace accident attorney as soon as possible. There are deadlines in place that limit how long a claimant has to file a case—otherwise, the claimant will be solely responsible for medical bills and other expenses. Your employer’s insurance company will try to get away with providing you with as little money as possible toward your claim, even if you are entitled to thousands of dollars. For example, did you know that you may be entitled to the cost of future medical expenses?

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