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Archive: Boating Accident

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Aug 15

Personal Watercraft Related Accidents

by The Law Offices of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP
long island boating accident attorney

Personal Watercraft Can Cause Serious Injuries There are few things that are so synonymous with summer as personal watercraft. Visit lakes and other bodies of water around New York and throughout the country during the summer months and you are…

Aug 3

Avoid Boating Accidents This Summer

by The Law Offices of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP
Long Island Boat Accident Attorney

Unlike driving (which many people associate with work and/or errands), boating is a purely recreational activity. Many boaters in New York and elsewhere find there is no better way to unwind after a stressful week than to take their boats…

Mar 16

Fatal Hudson River Tugboat Crash

by The Law Offices of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP
Our boating accident attorneys report on the fatal Hudson River tugboat crash .

On the Hudson River, just north of NYC, a tugboat has run into a barge causing the death of one crew member and has led to the disappearance of two others. The 90-foot-long tugboat called “Specialist” struck the barge not…

Aug 5

Long Island Sound Water Tube Accident: Two Injured

by The Law Offices of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP
Our boating accident lawyers report on the Long Island Sound Water tube accident that injured two teens.

A boating accident involving a water tube over the weekend resulted in two 13-year-old girls being sent to the hospital. One ended up with a broken pelvis. The water tube was being towed in Long Island Sound at the time,…