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Police On Lookout For Two Vicious Dogs in Nassau County

Pet owners across the nation love their dogs and cats. People look forward to cuddling and playing with their pets. However, most dog owners are aware of the responsibility that comes with owing a dog, particularly a risky breed like a Pit Bull, Doberman or Rottweiler. Nevertheless, there are times when dog owners cannot predict the behavior of their pets or the trigger that leads the pets to bite.

In New York, there is no one-free-bite rule. If a person has been attacked, bitten and injured by a dog, the dog owner is liable for the harm that results. If attacked by a dog, it is important to contact a Nassau County premises liability attorney to understand one’s rights and to determine what remedies are available.

Recently, the Nassau County Police has been on the lookout for a pair of pit bulls on the loose that attacked several people within a 5-block area on Long Island. The attacks occurred in approximately 10-minute successions, injuring one teen and three women in separate incidents. The first attack occurred in the evening around 6:30pm when the teen was attacked by one black and one brown pit bull. Within 10 minutes of that attack, a 54-year was attacked by the same dogs as she walked. Approximately 10 minutes after the second incident, a 24-year old was attacked. Finally, as a 29-year old was getting out of her car, she was attacked the dogs and sustained injuries to her face, arms and shoulders.

Animal control officers in the area have knocked on doors to determine if anyone knows anything about the whereabouts of the dogs. Authorities believe that the two dogs may have returned to their home and the owners may be unaware of what the dogs did.

Dog owners are liable for any harm their dog inflicts even if that dog does not have a history of attacks or bites. For anyone who has been attacked by a dog and has sustained serious and lasting injuries, a lawsuit may enable them to recover damages from the owner of the dog for medical expenses incurred, disfigurement and more.


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