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Millennial Jurors Changing the Way Lawyers Present Product Liability Information in Court

The Millennial generation is changing the world. They’ve given us social media, crowdsourcing, and the share-economy, but now they may be ensuring that the world is also a safer place.

The youngest adult generation of Americans are known for their commitment to safety. They are regarded as the safety minded generation, and now that they are serving on juries, their generational particularities are coming into play in courtrooms across the country.

Who Are the Millennials?

Lawyers and consulting firms are working to understand better how the so-called Millennial generation considers evidence presented in court cases. It is very relevant and practical to study the Millennials, who have surpassed Baby Boomers this year to take the mantle of the largest generation in the United States.

Young adults between the ages of 18-34 are leading the charge to change the way things are done in the country, and that has started to influence the policy and procedures lawyers plan to execute in the courtroom. In litigation, motor vehicle accident, and product liability cases, these jurors are changing much of the methodology used to present information in the courtroom.

In a recent examination of Millennial jurors, consultants found that more than 80 percent of them held corporations to a higher standard than previous generations. The younger adult jurors expected companies to take every measure to ensure their products, goods, or services were safe – regardless of price or feasibility to said company. They also felt that government standards were not always the best guide for what should be considered safe and acceptable. They did not go as far as concluding that government safety standards were unsatisfactory, but they did agree that it was an imperfect measuring stick.

Consultants and lawyers admitted to shock after engaging this research, and some have noticed a considerable bias against big business and corporations held by many younger adults. More than 71 percent of the Millennials surveyed stated that companies and large businesses cared more about profits than the safety of people using their products, goods, or services.

Millennials and Trial Procedure

Lawyers specializing in motor vehicle accidents and product liability cases against auto manufacturers also noted that respondents in the survey said that equipment like autonomous driving features on cars should be standard, and auto companies should go through every procedure to ensure that the features were without any safety concerns, which could put many automakers on notice. The auto industry has consistently only been held to government safety standards, and much of this could change as new generations of jurors begin to influence court rulings.

In addition to opinions on safety and liability, Millennials also preferred court cases to be streamlined and evidence and submitted research as brief and succinct as possible. Holding their attention and confirming that pertinent case information was being comprehended, lawyers in the survey found that they needed to keep their presentations brief and entertaining. They also found that Millennials jurors expected the lawyers to be polished and high-tech, and those whom they considered such were deemed more capable.

Millennial jurors will become the standard as their numbers grow. Baby Boomers are declining, and Generation Xers aren’t set to outnumber Boomers until 2028. Given these insights into their thought process, many court cases will be impacted by what Millennials envision as negligence. Lawyers in product liability and motor vehicle accident cases will certainly need to take new approaches to ensure that they are serving their clients’ best interest.

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