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Who May Be Liable if You Sustain Injuries While Holiday Shopping?

As you dive into your holiday shopping list, your thoughts scatter like snowflakes, and the potential for holiday shopping injuries lurks in the background. Did your in-laws’ flight go smoothly? Can you secure that coveted Pokemon plushie for your child? Is there enough food for festive feasting? The holiday whirlwind begins! The furthest idea from your mind while you take off your gloves and grab a shopping cart is getting injured. However, it can happen quickly and without warning. Whether an icy slip-and-fall, a minor collision in the parking lot, or a matter of too many people in a small area, if negligence is found on behalf of the store or other customers, you may be eligible for damages.

Who May Be Responsible for Your Holiday Shopping Injury

If you are hurt while holiday shopping due to the negligence of a third party, the following may be responsible:

  • The store: Retail stores have specific legal requirements and regulations in place to prevent accidents, but they still may occur. Inadequate lighting, failure to post a wet floor sign, and not having enough security on staff are examples of negligence on behalf of the store.
  • Other shoppers: If your injuries sustained are a direct result of a specific individual or shopper, then it is possible they may be held liable.
  • Other various parties: Whether it was a collision en route to the store or a slip-and-fall over an uneven sidewalk out front, other various parties may be responsible for your injury. A New York personal injury lawyer can help you track down the time-sensitive evidence you need to support your case.

Sustaining injuries while shopping during the holiday season is unfortunately common, and it is important to remain cautious and aware of your surroundings.

Holiday Shopping Injuries Are More Common Than You Think

Shops are busiest this time of year, and everyone’s head is simultaneously full of holiday joy and stress. Store hours are often extended to meet increased demands, and as a result, employees are stretched thin. This combination makes for a particularly accident-prone time of the year. The National Safety Council reports severe upticks in car crashes around the holiday season due to people being overworked, fatigued, and distracted.

In order to best ensure you and the family stay safe this season, it is advisable to practice the following tips and tricks:

Travel in Groups

Time to get your company out of the house! Going with a couple of friends or your cousins and grandma to run errands is not only more fun but keeps you more attentive to your surroundings. It makes for a safer drive to the store and is a good practice when you shop at night.

Go During Off-Peak Hours

Though not the best tactic for securing hot ticket items, filling up your cart during the store’s off hours is one of the best ways to avoid being injured. If possible, do your holiday dinner grocery shopping during work hours to avoid overcrowding and rushing cars.

Remain Calm

It may seem overly simple, but it is true. Taking a moment to step back and understand that everyone is stressed and trying to enjoy time with family and friends helps to clear the mind, which in turn, allows you to check off some of those holiday to-dos.

What to Do if You Sustain Injuries While Holiday Shopping

No matter the caution you take, you may still endure an injury while out on the town. If you do, it is vital you complete the following:

Immediately Seek Medical Attention

Though you may experience feelings of embarrassment, do not let that minimize your injury. It is critical to immediately seek medical attention and undergo a full check-up to ensure you receive the proper medical care you require. Additionally, having a written record of your injuries and treatment to provide a clear connection to the incident is critical for your personal injury lawyer.

Track Down Time-Sensitive Evidence

Time is of the utmost importance when it comes to an injury sustained during the holiday season, especially if it is a result of a slip-and-fall. Getting access to security camera footage and rounding up eyewitnesses with fresh accounts of the accident is key to strengthening your claim.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

A professional New York personal injury attorney can best utilize their resources and time to gather evidence while you rest and heal. Nobody wants to spend the holidays injured, and spending hours doing paperwork and making calls only adds to the stress.

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If your time with loved ones has been disrupted by a significant injury while out and about this holiday season, our lawyers at The Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP may be able to help.

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