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4 Ways to Strengthen Your Slip-And-Fall Claim

When you are a lawful visitor at a business or entity, you may expect the property owner to uphold an adequate duty of care by maintaining their property with the utmost safety in mind for visitors. However, not all property owners care for their property and may cause serious and lasting injuries to victims. When pursuing a slip-and-fall claim against the negligent property owner, you may need to implement specific strategies to strengthen your claim and bolster your chances of success in recovering fair and equitable compensation. 

At the Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP we are well-versed in the complexities of slip-and-fall claims and understand the time-sensitive nature of the investigation we must conduct to obtain the potential evidence of negligence that caused your accident. Securing a successful outcome may come with challenges, but with our combined century of legal experience, we take strategic steps necessary to increase your chances of securing the compensation you deserve.

4 Ways to Strengthen Your Slip-And-Fall Claim

While there is no assurance of a successful outcome in your slip-and-fall claim, there are specific actions you can take that may strengthen your chances of success. With the help of an experienced New York slip-and-fall lawyer, you may be equipped with vital resources to conduct an extensive investigation into your accident, obtain evidence to determine liability, and build a strategic claim for fair compensation. 

The following are four ways to strengthen your slip-and-fall claim: 

Seek Medical Attention Immediately Following Your Slip-And-Fall Accident 

Due to some injuries manifesting days or weeks after the accident, you may not first consider seeking prompt medical care following a slip-and-fall accident. However, this may cost you greatly as the insurance company may claim that later injuries are not connected to your accident. Having a professional medical evaluation will also ensure that you have an official medical record explaining the extent of your injuries and the need for treatment. 

Obtain Time-Sensitive Evidence as Soon as Possible 

Compiling and preserving time-sensitive evidence is imperative to the success of a slip-and-fall claim because some evidence may not be available indefinitely. For instance, incident reports may be altered if it incriminates the property owner or business, or security footage may be overwritten. Additionally, witnesses may not provide detailed recollections after some time. 

Working with an experienced New York slip-and-fall lawyer may help you obtain the time-sensitive evidence you require to strengthen your claim. At the Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP we understand the importance of building a strategic claim built on strong, persuasive evidence and will utilize our best resources to ensure we mitigate every challenge to bolster your chances of success and work to prove property owner negligence. 

Log Damages and Journal Daily  

Logging damages ensure that you may recover the complete, maximum value of your slip-and-fall injury claim. You can only seek monetary damages you can tangibly prove you suffered. Log all documentation that relates to the economic and non-economic losses you have incurred as a result of property owner negligence, including medical expenses, pay stubs showing missed wages, pharmacy receipts and other invoices related to financial and physical losses. 

Additionally, you may consider writing about the many challenges you have faced as a result of your accident and sustained injuries. Demonstrating damages may be more straightforward if you can use these entries to illustrate the extent of your non-monetary losses.

Avoid Social Media During Your Slip-And-Fall Claim 

Insurance adjusters may monitor your online activity to diminish or potentially deny your slip-and-fall claim. It’s best to avoid social media until your case has been resolved to avoid the negligent property owner or business from using social media posts against you.

Types of Evidence You May Need to Bolster Your Slip-And-Fall Claim 

Securing the compensation you deserve may be challenging in a slip-and-fall claim. As the victim, you hold the burden of proof to demonstrate that property owner negligence directly caused your injuries and other losses. 

The following types of evidence may be needed to bolster the chances of success in your New York slip-and-fall claim: 

  • An incident report describing the accident 
  • Witness testimony 
  • Video footage or picture evidence 
  • Records and documentation of all damages suffered, including medical imaging and diagnostic tests 

Working with an experienced New York slip-and-fall lawyer can help you obtain the necessary evidence to strengthen your claim and determine liability. At the Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP we understand the complex nature of these types of cases and have secured millions in settlements and verdicts for slip-and-fall accident victims.

Speak With the Experienced New York Slip-And-Fall Injury Lawyers at the Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP

Whether you were a lawful visitor at public or private property, the property owner owed an adequate duty of care to maintain a safe environment. If you sustained significant harm due to a slip-and-fall accident, rely on the experienced representation at the Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP. We fight for the present and future economic and non-economic compensation you are owed as a result of negligence. With centuries of combined experience, we protect your legal rights by conducting comprehensive investigations into your accident and obtaining valuable evidence that may strengthen your claim. 

To speak with a New York skilled slip-and-fall accident lawyer, call us today at (866) 924-1787 or fill out our contact form for a no-cost consultation. For more information on our experienced New York legal team, visit our YouTube Channel.

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