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Avoiding Accidents With Bad Drivers

How to Reduce Your Risk of Car Accidents 

36,560 people died in car crashes throughout the country in 2018. Tragically, many of these people knew a great deal about how to stay safe while operating a motor vehicle. Other motorists, however, operated their vehicles in a way that led to life-changing car accidents for these unsuspecting victims. A recent study of the quality of drivers in the country determined that the issue of bad drivers is not confined to one state or even one region. The following outlines some important details about the bad drivers with whom we share the roadways in this country, and also offers some ways on how to reduce your risk of car accidents.

Which States Have the Worst Drivers?

The following 10 states present an increased risk for motorists due to their higher numbers of bad drivers. Additionally, insurance rates in these states are often higher than average because the number of accidents that happen there requires insurance carriers to pay out more in compensation. Also, it is critical to understand that these 10 states have more than erratic or careless drivers; these drivers pose serious threats and  jeopardize the lives of fellow motorists, bikers, and pedestrians. The top 10 states for bad drivers are:

  • At number 10 on the list of states with the worst drivers, Arkansas ranks particularly low when it comes to death rates and failure to follow traffic regulations. Among the 516 motorists who died in Arkansas in 2018, approximately 25% of these fatalities involved situations in which at least one motorist was speeding.
  • Coming in at number 9, Delaware ranked particularly high in drivers who fail to obey traffic rules. Almost half of Delaware’s deadly accidents involved drivers or passengers who were not wearing seat belts or drivers who did not hold active licenses.
  • South Carolina. Tied at number 7, South Carolina ranked particularly high in its death rate. The state had the highest death rate among motorists, with 1.83 traffic fatalities for every 100 million miles traveled. Among the 1,037 traffic fatalities that occurred in South Carolina in 2018, close to 33% of these crashes involved at least one driver who had been drinking.
  • Tied with South Carolina at 7, Hawaii ranked particularly high in its number of drunk driving and speeding-related crashes. Hawaii saw 117 traffic fatalities in 2018, with many of these crashes involving at least one of these categories.
  • At 6th on the list of 10 worst driver states, Nevada’s worst categories are careless driving and failure to obey traffic regulations. Among the 330 traffic fatalities that occurred there in 2018, more than a quarter involved speeding motorists.
  • The state comes in 5th on the list of states with the worst drivers and ranked particularly high for its number of drivers who failed to obey basic traffic laws.
  • Tied at number three, Texas ranks worst for its number of drunk driving crashes. Among the 3,642 traffic fatalities that occurred in Texas in 2018, 990 of these crashes involved speeding and 1,673 crashes involved motorists who had been drinking.
  • Tied with Texas, Montana’s worst category involved its number of drivers who failed to obey traffic regulations. Over 60% of Montana’s deadly crashes involved a motorist who was not wearing a seatbelt or a driver who lacked a valid license.
  • New Mexico. Ranked second on the list of 10 states with the worst drivers, New Mexico saw 391 traffic fatalities in 2018 with a third of these accidents involving speeding motorists. The state’s worst category, however, involved its number of careless drivers.
  • Perhaps surprisingly, Alaska is ranked as the state with the worst drivers in 2020. The state’s worst categories include drunk driving as well as speeding. These two categories represented 97.5% of Alaska’s traffic fatalities.

Perhaps surprisingly for anyone who has ever driven through New York City or downtown Buffalo, New York state ranks fairly low on the list. The state’s worst category was drunk drivers, where it ranked at 10th worst state in the nation.

Commonly Asked Questions About Bad Drivers

It is the duty of all motorists to learn as much as possible about road safety and to avoid ending up in a crash with a bad driver. Consider the following points:

  • What constitutes a bad driver? Bad drivers are rude and aggressive, which means they are commonly in a rush to reach their destination. Bad drivers are also inclined to operate vehicles in a negligent manner, which means that they might drive recklessly, weave in and out of lanes, or operate motor vehicles while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • What is the most dangerous group of drivers on the road? Due to their inexperience as well as inclination to drive recklessly, younger drivers are the most dangerous group of drivers in the country.
  • What is the most unsafe driving behavior? The most unsafe driving behavior in the United States switches between drunk driving and speeding each year. Both of these patterns represent approximately 30% of traffic fatalities in the United States each year.
  • What makes reckless driving dangerous? Reckless driving is characterized by driving patterns that place motorists at a greater risk of accidents. This behavior includes things like erratically swerving between lanes, failing to follow traffic signs, and dangerous speeding.

How Can I Avoid Accidents With Bad Drivers?

One of the best ways to avoid ending up in a car crash with a bad driver is to operate your vehicle in a defensive manner. This means driving cautiously and remaining alert to others on the roads at all times. Driving defensively begins with remaining observant of your surroundings as well as what the road far ahead of you looks like. One of the best ways to do this is to reduce the number of distractions in your vehicle.

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