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Traffic Jams and Car Accidents: What Can I Do to Help Limit Them?

As warmer weather approaches, both air and road travel will start to increase to a significant degree. As a result of more vehicles on the road during the summer months, the potential for traffic congestion and car accidents also increase. In fact, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported that in 2014, more than a third of all traffic accident fatalities for that year occurred from June to September. With the time of year for more traffic jams and accidents fast approaching, you may be asking yourself what you might do to avoid accidents and reduce congestion. The following are some tips to help keep you safe and keep traffic moving as the warmer weather approaches:

  • If you are traveling slower than other vehicles on the highway, be sure to stay in the right lane so that others can pass you safely.
  • Also, try not to change lanes very often or drive in a manner that causes you to step on your brakes frequently.
  • If you and other lanes of traffic must merge into one lane, be courteous and let others in so that traffic can keep flowing.
  • If there is an accident on the side of the road, don’t slow down to observe.
  • Keep your tires inflated, your brakes in working order, and perform other regular maintenance on your vehicle in order to decrease your risk for a breakdown or mechanical issues that might cause an accident or a traffic jam.
  • If you do blow a tire, or your vehicle breaks down, be sure to turn on your emergency flashers and try to move your car to a safe place on the side of the road and out of traffic.
  • Stay alert when driving. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents. Thus, it is important to put your cell phone away. Do not text and try not to make any phone calls.
  • Obey all traffic laws. For example, yield to pedestrians who might have the right of way in crosswalks, use your turn signals, follow the speed limit, and obey traffic signals and stop signs.
  • It is also a good idea to plan your route ahead of time so that you can avoid looking at your phone or a map for directions. If you are lost, pull over to a safe location to find your route before you continue driving.

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