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Fourth of July Safety Tips For Pets

Despite the challenges that many of us have faced this year, it is hard to believe that it is nearly July. While many of us look forward to the fireworks, the Fourth of July is also the day when the greatest number of pets go missing. Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the sky on July Fourth will likely be filled with fireworks, which can scare and disturb your pets. In the hopes of keeping your pets safe this holiday season, consider the following safety tips for pets.

Tire Your Pet Out Early in the Day

Many animals are less likely to become panicked if they are tired. Try taking your dog for ample exercise early on the Fourth of July, before festivities begin. This way, by the time night falls and firework starts, your pet will be more likely to be tired and calmer when loud noises and flashing lights begin.

Keep Your Pet in a Contained Space

Make sure to keep your pet in a contained space because the pet will feel safer this way, and will also be less likely to escape. Keep the animal indoors because most pets feel comfortable in a smaller space. Make sure that all of the doors and windows are properly closed and locked to prevent your pet from running away. Similarly, examine your fence or boundary for any potential openings from which the animal can escape.

Promote a Feeling of Relaxation

Several strategies tend to make animals feel more relaxed. Many people discover that by playing the TV or radio at low volume, pets can become distracted from the loud noises outside. It can also help to purchase an anxiety blanket that the animal can wear to feel calm during fireworks. Try to provide the animal with a safe space full of their favorite toys, treats, water, and other sources of comfort.

Prepare for the Worst

While it hopefully will not happen, you should have a plan in place in case your animal runs away. Make sure to have current photos of your pet in case they go missing. You should also make sure that your pet is properly registered and that your listed contact information is up to date.

Stay Calm

Fireworks can scare pets away from your property. If this happens to you, do your best to remain calm. Realize that in most cases your pet is trying to find a place to hide from the overwhelming noise and lights all around them. By trying to chase the animal, you are likely going to make the animal more distressed. Instead, if your pet slips away from you, promptly contact your local animal shelter or other authorities so a lost pet report can be made. Some people discover that placing the animal’s favorite items as well as a bowl of food and water out on the porch can help to attract the animal back.

Speak with an Experienced Attorney

Remember to enjoy yourself and remain safe this Fourth of July. If you need the assistance of an personal injury attorney, do not hesitate to contact Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP today. Free consultations, always.

We Hope You Have A Safe And Happy Independence Day!


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