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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) - What You Need to Know

How to Protect Yourself & Others from Covid-19

As you know, the spread of coronavirus in New York City and Long Island has raised challenges for all New Yorkers, including our attorneys, our staff and the New York State Court System. With everyone’s cooperation we expect to get through this trying time.

The Courts have restricted access to the court houses. As a result, trials and court appearances will be delayed and postponed. Accordingly, if you have been notified of an upcoming trial, deposition, mediation, arbitration, or other court appearance, it is likely that it will be adjourned. Other appearances outside of the courthouse may also be adjourned or postponed.

For all matters wherein a personal appearance would normally be required, please adhere to the following instructions:

1. Depositions & Hearings:

If you have a hearing or deposition scheduled for March or April, your hearing or deposition is likely to be adjourned to June or later. We will notify you of the new date once it has been rescheduled. Please be patient as we do our best to expediently reschedule your depositions and hearings. Please call two (2) days before your scheduled date to check if your matter has been adjourned.

2. Physical Examinations:

No Fault Physicals/Examinations: If you are to appear for an examination with an insurance company doctor for a no fault examination, please call the doctor’s office the day before the exam to confirm. The contact information for the doctor can be found on the letter notifying you of the exam. Please additionally call the doctor’s office to re-confirm, the day of the exam, before you leave your house, to ensure that it is still going forward. The doctor’s office may have last minute changes.

If you have a physical examination with a defense doctor (sometimes referred to as a Defense Physical or “Independent” Medical Examination or “IME”) – please call our office to ensure that the exam is proceeding, both the day before the scheduled exam as well as the day of the exam to ensure that it is going forward as scheduled.

3. Court Appearances: Conferences, Court Mediation & Jury Trials

Your court appearance will in all likelihood be adjourned to June or later by the Court. We will notify you of all new dates on your case. If you do not hear from us before the court date, please call us the day before for further instructions before you go to any courthouse as you may be denied entrance.

4. Mediations and Arbitrations:

If you have a mediation or arbitration hearing scheduled at places such as Jansen ADR, AAA or National Arbitration & Mediation (“NAM”), or another non-court mediation service, it is likely that this hearing will proceed as scheduled or may be conducted over the phone. Please call our office the day before to confirm.

At least one of our attorneys and some staff will be available daily in person as usual at our office. However, others of our staff and attorneys will be working remotely, as recommended by New York City, New York State, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Please do not come to the office without an appointment as we may not be able to accommodate you. Further, please do not visit the office if you have recently traveled to an area where coronavirus is present, recently returned from abroad, or if you have been advised to quarantine or isolate.

You should avoid traveling by public transportation to/from our office, and instead mail or email papers to us. We will be readily available by phone and email to address any of your concerns.

If you have a question or concern regarding your case other than a scheduled date, please email us at [email protected]   We will promptly reply to all emails, and our staff is standing by to answer your calls should you need to address any concerns directly.

We are all in this together. Stay healthy and please protect yourself, your family and friends by following the recommendations of New York City, New York State and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Our best personal regards.



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