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Dangers of Drunk Driving Accidents: Demonstrated

Spring can be a dangerous time of year for motor vehicle accidents on Long Island. Prom season, in particular, always comes with safety concerns. With the big party as the occasion, teen drivers are often tempted to stay out too late and have too much to drink.

The result of such temptations can be a Long Island drunk driving accident. The consequences can be devastating, involving loss of life or catastrophic injuries.

Parents and schools need to all they can to prevent car crashes with such terrible outcomes from happening at all.

One school in New York State is using the method of a mock crash to educate students about the importance of safety. In Middleville, N.Y., the state police, teachers and emergency responders (ambulance, police and fire) put on a demonstration to simulate the aftermath of a drunk driving accident.

The demonstration involved prying out of their cars students who were assigned to play the role of drivers or passengers. This included designating two students as having “died” in the simulated accident

Donna Gookins, the adviser for Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD), described the motivation for the demonstration. “We just feel it is very important for the kids to understand the seriousness of drinking and driving or getting into the vehicle with someone that has been drinking,” she said.

“This really makes it come alive for them and it is something they actually get emotional about,” Gookins added.

Several students concurred with this description of the demonstration. “It really makes you see how bad something could be and how serious car accidents are and how your choices could affect things down the road,” said Meghan Louis, a high school senior.


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