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Scared To Be A Medical Malpractice Victim? Here’s How To Avoid It!

What is Medical Malpractice?

There are 98,000 medical malpractices related deaths in the United States every year. Every medical procedure carries an element of risk, and while there is no guarantee of a ensuring a positive outcome, there are ways you can help your doctor minimize your risk of becoming a medical malpractice victim.

Medical malpractice is a medical mistake made by the doctor, the nurse, the technician, the pharmacist, the hospital – basically any one of the health-care providers whose performance did not meet the accepted standard of care and resulted in harm or wrongdoing to the patient. In short, their negligence caused you, the patient, harm.

How to Avoid Being a Medical Malpractice Victim

It’s a scary fact – some patient may suffer from serious injuries or even death because of a doctor’s error, so the best way to avoid medical malpractice is to take an active role in your own medical care. Before your doctor’s visit, write out a list of all the medications you are taking, and bring it with you to your appointment. Give it to your doctor, review with them and ask it be kept as part of your file. Bring a friend or family member with you so they can be your second set of ears. Always ask your doctor when you can expect your test results to come back in, and if you do not hear back from them, always, always follow up! Never be afraid to go for a second opinion either. If at any time you feel the doctor is rushing you and not listening to your concerns and addressing them appropriately, then it’s time to find a new doctor.

Long Island Medical Malpractice Attorneys Fighting For The Compensation You Deserve

When you are going through a medical procedure, you have questions, you need answers and most importantly, you need the truth. The Long Island medical malpractice lawyers at the Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP, have a years of experience holding hospitals and doctors responsible for medical malpractice and will fight for the compensation you deserve.

Medical Malpractice lawyer, Richard Jaffe brings over 25 years of legal expertise to the courtroom as well as a nationwide network of medical experts and unique insights as a trained emergency medical technician (EMT). While not every unfortunate outcome is considered malpractice, and not every malpractice claim results in fair compensation, it will not cost you anything to have your case reviewed. Our knowledgeable malpractice lawyers are here to help you and to determine if you have a valid case.

Think You Have a Medical Malpractice Case? Call Our Medical Malpractice Attorneys Today!

Contact the Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe today for your free consultation with an experienced medical malpractice attorney. You have absolutely nothing to lose with our free, no-obligation case review. Our trusted New York malpractice attorneys will fight to protect your rights and for the compensation you deserve. Call us at (866) 895-0420 24/7. If you are unable to come to us, we will make arrangements to come to you!

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