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Baldwin Car Accident Lawyer

New York Vehicle and Transportation Law (VAT) §125 defines a motor vehicle as most vehicles “operated or driven upon a public highway which is propelled by any power other than muscular power.”

This criteria generally defines all motor vehicles, which means that a range of different collisions may qualify as motor vehicle accidents. Suppose you or a loved one was involved in a motor vehicle accident and you have suffered harm as a consequence. In that case, a Baldwin Car accident lawyer will provide services to help you seek compensation.

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Baldwin Car Accident Lawyer

The Price of Driver Negligence Is Life and Injury

In a two-year period studied by the New York Department of Health, Suffolk County lost 11 residents to motor vehicle accidents each month. An additional 122 residents per month required treatment in a hospital because of motor vehicle accidents, and 1,466 residents were given medical care in Suffolk County emergency departments.

These figures show the scope and scale of harm caused by motor vehicle accidents. The two most serious consequences of accidents are:

  • Lost lives
  • Serious injuries

These are not the only forms of harm that may have come from your accident. Other losses that might have plagued you or a loved one after your motor vehicle accident include:

Property Damage

When a vehicle is struck by another vehicle, some sort of damage may be the rule rather than the exception. Some of the issues that could come from a collision in Southampton are:

  • A vehicle suffering extensive damage to its metal body
  • A vehicle’s windshield and windows being broken
  • A vehicle’s engine or other critical components being damaged in a way that prevents them from working
  • A vehicle is damaged to the extent that qualifies it as “totaled”

Even if a vehicle is drivable after an accident, the damage that it suffers could be unsightly. In any case, repairing damage to your vehicle or replacing the vehicle may cost money and may result in a period where you or your loved one are without transportation.

The party or parties responsible for your accident could be ordered to compensate you not just for the cost of repairs or replacing your vehicle, but also for the cost of temporary transport.

Pain and Suffering

The experience of seeing and feeling another vehicle striking yours can cause scars that are physical as well as psychological. The physical toll of an accident may come primarily in the form of medical costs. Still, you or your loved one could also receive compensation for the harm that does not show up on your medical bills—harm which may be referred to as pain and suffering.

Pain and suffering may take several forms. It may include:

  • The pain that you experience as the result of injuries suffered in your motor vehicle accident
  • The mental anguish that comes from both the experience of the accident and the injuries that the accident has caused
  • Changes in your life that have come from your injuries, such as paralysis, loss of function of your appendages, or chronic pain

Pain and suffering may be overwhelming in cases where an accident causes the loss of life. If you lost a loved one, pain and suffering might be a substantial portion of any compensation you can receive.

A Baldwin Car accident lawyer will document and calculate your losses. They will then pursue compensation for you or a loved one through an insurance claim or lawsuit. Call the Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP today at (866) 878-6774 for more details about how a lawyer will serve you after an accident.

How a Lawyer May Handle Your Case Post-Accident

A lawyer can step in to handle your case for compensation after your accident. A lawyer may begin helping you from the moment that you hire them to handle your case, as your rights could be at risk sooner after your accident than you may realize.

The first responsibility that your lawyer may handle is to conduct communications with insurance companies. One or more insurance companies whose policies are relevant to your accident may have an incentive to avoid paying your policy. They could also attempt to pay you less than your policy warrants.

Your lawyer will prepare you for any statements that you must make to an insurance company. They will handle all communications with insurance companies. If your circumstances warrant, your lawyer will negotiate a settlement with any involved insurance companies.

In addition, your lawyer may:

Gather Evidence

  • Evidence that establishes fault for your accident
  • Evidence of the losses you have suffered because of an accident

The first may be used to show that one or more people are responsible (or otherwise legally liable) for your accident. The second may be used to show what damages you should be entitled to compensation for.

Your lawyer may work with professional investigators, engineers, or other experts to gather any evidence that is relevant to your case.

Complete Legal Aspects of Your Case

Legal aspects may refer to any administrative requirement needed to complete a lawsuit or insurance claim. It could include filing documents, making appearances, documenting your losses, negotiating a settlement, and completing a trial.

Defend Your Rights

A lawyer’s first and foremost duty may be to defend your rights. This may be the prerequisite for them to obtain any compensation that you need. A violation of your rights could mean an inability to secure the amount of compensation you deserve.

The Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP Will Complete Your Case

The services of a Baldwin Car accident lawyer can be tailored to your needs after an accident. A lawyer and their team will treat your case with the care it deserves. Call the Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP today at (866) 878-6774 for a free consultation.

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