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Police Officer Fires at Fleeing Suspect After NYPD Cops Rammed by Stolen SUV in Queens

In a dramatic encounter late Wednesday night in Jamaica, Queens, New York, a stolen vehicle incident led to a confrontation between law enforcement and the suspect, resulting in one officer being mounted on the hood of the car and shots fired by another officer. The incident marks the latest in a series of similar confrontations involving the NYPD.

Officers spotted the stolen white Subaru Forester at approximately 11:30 p.m. near the intersection of Tuskegee Airmen Way and Sutphin Blvd. The vehicle had been reported stolen the previous day. Attempting to apprehend the suspect, two officers and a lieutenant surrounded the car, attempting to close in on foot.

The situation escalated when the driver of the stolen car aggressively maneuvered through a gap and accelerated fiercely. In the process, one officer was struck in the legs and propelled onto the hood of the Subaru. His colleague, responding to the threat, discharged his weapon towards the fleeing SUV. It remains uncertain whether the shots struck the vehicle.

Both officers involved incurred minor injuries during the altercation and were subsequently transported to Jamaica Hospital for treatment. As of yet, the authorities have not made any arrests in connection with this case.

This incident once again brings to light NYPD’s strict firearm discharge policy in instances involving moving vehicles. The standard protocol discourages shooting at a vehicle unless it represents a threat independent of its movement.

Source: AOL

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