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Do I Have a Case if I Didn’t Visit the Doctor After My Car Accident?

You may still have a case if you didn’t visit the doctor immediately after your car accident. However, it is crucial that you seek medical attention as soon as possible.

do i have case if i didnt visit doctor after car accident

Why Is It Important to See a Doctor After Your Car Accident?

Medical records are important for both insurance claims and lawsuits. Insurance companies may be more likely to cover medical costs where there is clear evidence of injury. The same is true when negotiating compensation through a lawsuit.

The sooner you establish injuries after an accident, the clearer the link to your accident may be. By seeking medical care after your accident, you can:

  • Show that your injuries resulted directly from the accident
  • Document your injuries in their most severe state
  • Obtain compelling evidence to use during negotiations

You are not totally out of luck if you didn’t see a doctor after your accident, though.

How Long do You Have to Seek Medical Attention After Your Car Accident?

New York’s Department of Financial Services (DFS) explains that you must file a no-fault insurance claim no later than 30 calendar days after the date of the accident. You would generally identify injured parties in this claim. If you fail to file a claim of injury within 30 days, then you must “submit written proof providing clear and reasonable justification for late filing.” We can submit this written proof for you.

CVP § 214 generally allows you three years to file a personal injury lawsuit. You should receive medical care before you file. Your lawyer will aim to show that you’ve been injured because of your car accident, and medical records will be important to prove your case.

All is not lost if you have yet to receive medical care, or you waited before seeing a doctor. You may have a valid explanation for waiting.

What Are Possible Explanations for Not Seeing a Doctor After Your Accident?

You may have waited to see a doctor after your accident because:

  • You were bed-ridden
  • Your injuries took a long time to emerge
  • You are (or were) uninsured
  • You faced financial barriers to accessing medical care
  • You dismissed specific injuries as general soreness
  • Other circumstances prevented you from accessing medical care

There may be many justifiable reasons for waiting to seek medical treatment.

Injuries That May Take Time to Appear

Certain injuries may not appear immediately after your accident. The slow emergence of such injuries may explain why you waited to seek medical attention.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), internal injuries, soft tissue injuries, and even broken bones may not be immediately obvious. So long as you seek treatment once symptoms emerge, then you could receive compensation for your injuries.

How Our Law Firm Can Help You

Our firm will work within your circumstances. The goal is to obtain the awards that you deserve, regardless of when you sought medical treatment. When you see a Long Island car accident lawyer from our firm, don’t forget to bring all your medical records and even a personal journal documenting your health status after the accident (if you kept one). Our attorneys will analyze your situation thoroughly, trying to build you a case even if some of your injuries revealed themselves later. Our firm will initiate the legal process as soon as possible to follow the statute of limitations for insurance claims or lawsuits.

Our firm can help you by:

  • Directing you to medical treatment if you have yet to see a doctor
  • Obtaining records of your injuries
  • Documenting your other damages
  • Obtaining the explanation for why you waited to see a doctor
  • Identifying all your losses
  • Determining liability for your losses
  • Calculating the value of your case
  • Filing your case
  • Negotiating a settlement

We will deal with insurance companies and lawyers as we fight for you.

Recoverable Damages From a Car Accident in New York

Your recoverable damages may include:

Medical Treatment

If you eventually went to the doctor and required treatment, then your settlement may cover this. It may also cover rehabilitation, medications, and other healthcare costs.

Pain and Suffering

Your trauma, lost quality of life, physical pain, and other types of suffering may entitle you to awards.

Lost Income and Earning Power

A liable party may cover wages you lost because of injury. They may also cover any loss of earning power caused by symptoms of injury.

Other professional damages – lost productivity, professional regression, lost bonuses, and more – may also be recoverable.

Property Damage

Repairing your vehicle may be a significant recoverable expense. Liable parties may also pay for other property damaged in your car accident.

Can You Afford to Hire Our Firm for Your Car Accident Case?

Our law firm offers clients a No Fee Promise – in other terms, a contingency fee. Rather than paying us an upfront fee or an hourly rate, you pay us only if we win your case. We will receive a portion of your settlement or judgment. This means that anyone, including you, can afford to hire us for their car accident case.

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