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$2,250,000 Traumatic Brain Injury Settlement

Our client, a young single mother whose first language is not english, was driving her car in the Bronx on her way to her son’s school with the right of way when suddenly a school bus disregarded a stop sign and t-boned her. The police and ambulance arrived, and transported our young client to the hospital. Despite losing consciousness at the scene, the hospital gave her a clean bill of health and released her. Our client subsequently began suffering terrible symptoms of a mild traumatic brain injury including vomiting, dizziness, forgetfulness, and confusion. Our firm worked closely with the New York State Brain Injury Association to help the client get proper treatment for her concussion.

While our client’s symptoms improved, she was still not fully recovered a year after her terrible accident, and continues to be partially disabled today. The insurance carrier, GEICO, was at a ‘no pay’ position, and attempted to discredit our client’s injuries since they were not ‘visible’. Our firm retained world-renouned experts in the field of traumatic brain injury who all substantiated our client’s devastating injuries. Our firm also aggressively obtained an order from the judge deeming the defendant fully responsible for the accident. Immediately prior to trial, we were able to secure a settlement for our client of 2.25 Million Dollars, which will provide compensation for her pain and suffering, and for the future medical treatment she will need for the rest of her life.

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