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What to do After a Boating Accident

Boating accidents can be terrifying, leaving victims unsure of how to proceed. It’s crucial to understand the best practices for responding to a boat crash, not only for your safety but also to protect your legal rights. By learning the proper steps, you can minimize the risk of making critical mistakes that could potentially harm your case.

If you are involved in a boating accident and the boat on which you are located is still afloat, one of the best places to begin is by assessing whether you or anyone else on the vessel needs medical assistance. Sometimes, however, people fall into the water following boat crashes. If someone ends up in this type of situation, you should do whatever you can to help the victim climb back onto the boat.

Boating accidents should be reported to the appropriate authorities. Several types of situations necessitate that boating accidents be reported to federal law including when a person is killed during an accident, someone is injured seriously, property damage occurs above $2,000, a vessel is destroyed, or a person disappears from a vessel due to injury or death.

Assuming that everyone remains on the boat and is currently safe, you should focus on keeping the boat out of harm’s way. This might mean moving the boat out of the path of oncoming vessels. In most situations, the Coast Guards should be contacted so they can be informed that an accident has occurred.

Gather Details About How the Boating Accident Occurred

After making sure that everyone involved in the crash is safe, you should begin to collect critical details including insurance carrier info and eyewitness facts. Besides contact information, some people decide to photograph damage to the boat.

If you are seriously injured in a boating accident, you should make sure to write down any critical details about the accident after receiving a medical evaluation or when you feel comfortable doing so. You might also ask someone else that you trust on the scene of the accident to record this information.

When taking photographs, it is important to document any bruises or other types of injuries that you incurred in the accident. Some people go so far as to also down a list of witnesses who saw the accident occur.

Some of the other details to remember about documenting the scene of the accident include:

  • It can be helpful to inquire if anyone at the scene of the accident has either photographs or videos demonstrating how the accident occurred.
  • Make sure to write down details about the boat involved including its registration number.
  • Provide an official statement to law enforcement and ask where you can obtain a version of the report.

Accident Factors Where You Need a Boating Lawyer

Some of the factors that can arise in boating accidents where the help of an experienced accident attorney is necessary include:

  • Boat owner’s insurance protects boat owners in situations in which physical damage is done to the vessel. This insurance is also connected to claims made due to injuries or deaths associated with the operation of a boat.
  • A person might be able to locate a claim with the boat owner’s insurance carrier to obtain compensation for a resulting injury. The settlement might not be able to address the extent of the injuries incurred by an accident victim, however. In cases in which the costs associated with a boating accident are greater than what the responsible party’s insurance carrier offers, it might be necessary to obtain the help of an accident attorney.
  • Boating accidents often occur when a boat’s operator fails to follow the applicable rules or consider the safety of others. If the driver of a boat behaved negligently and this caused your injuries, you should not hesitate to speak with an experienced attorney.
  • Boat owners should routinely inspect their vessel to make sure that it’s safe. This means that boat owners should regularly check their vessel to make sure that it is safe. This includes inspections of the boat’s electrical system, engine, and hull. Boat owners should also make sure that the vessel is routinely cleaned and fueled. Remember, the boat’s owner has the responsibility for making sure that anyone on the boat is protected and that the boat is properly maintained.
  • Some of the most common injuries including bumps and cuts that occur involving boats are minor and do not require extensive medical care. Some of the other types of injuries including concussions and spinal injuries are much more serious and can leave accident victims facing complications for the rest of their lives. f you or a loved one has been left to face substantial injuries as the result of a boating accident caused by another party’s negligence, a skilled attorney can help you fight for the maximum amount of compensation possible.

Reduce the Risk of Boating Accidents

Boating safety begins before a person leaves the shore. Some of the helpful strategies that boaters should remember to follow include:

  • Examine your boat to make sure that various components work properly. Some of these features include steering, throttle, battery lines, and switches.
  • Boats should carry life jackets for each passenger on the vessel. Make sure to keep life jackets close at hand and in easily accessible areas.
  • Adverse weather conditions can arise suddenly. To avoid suddenly ending up stranded on the water, you should watch the news and stay alert to weather updates.
  • Being exposed to water at low temperatures can prove deadly. If you are exposed to water at low temperatures, you can increase your chances of surviving by dressing warmly.
  • Alcohol limits your ability to safely operate a boat. You should never operate a boat while drinking.

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