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What Are New York’s Essential Bike Safety Laws?

Riding a bike around New York isn’t just fun, but it’s a great way to get some fresh air and exercise. From the many health benefits to environmental benefits, it’s no wonder that cycling has become increasingly popular. However, as the increase in cyclists grows, so does the increase in bicycle accidents. Whether you’ve been cycling for years or just starting, it’s essential to know and familiarize yourself with New York’s bike safety laws for the safety of everyone around you. 

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New York’s Bike Safety Laws and Tips

Bicycle safety laws and safety tips help to minimize accidents and prevent injuries. 

  • Obey traffic signs: Cyclists must follow the same rules as drivers, adhering to stop signs, traffic lights, and all other traffic signage. 
  • Wear a helmet: In New York, cyclists under 14 must wear helmets when operating a bicycle. While those over 14 are not required to wear a helmet, it’s still recommended, as a helmet can help prevent serious head injuries in an accident.
  • Never ride against traffic: Motorists are not typically looking out for cyclists riding on the wrong side of the road. State law requires that cyclists operate their bikes as if they were operating a vehicle and drive according to traffic flow. 
  • Don’t pass on the right: Motorists may not see or look out for a cyclist passing on the right, so it’s recommended that cyclists avoid this maneuver for their own safety.
  • Keep both hands ready to brake: With one hand on the brake, you may not stop in time to avoid an accident. Furthermore, like cars shouldn’t tailgate, cyclists should leave sufficient room to brake, especially in inclement weather.
  • Don’t operate a bicycle while wearing headphones or using a cell phone to call or text: While New York hasn’t outlawed wearing headphones while cycling, being distracted while operating a bike can prevent you from having enough time to respond and avoid an accident. 
  • Follow lane markings: Drivers must adhere to lane regulations and laws, and cyclists are no different. They should turn left from a right lane or go straight when a lane is marked as right-turn only. 
  • Don’t operate a bike under the influence: Alcohol dramatically diminishes a person’s cognitive and physical capabilities, regardless of the vehicle they’re operating. Drinking while cycling is no less dangerous than drunk driving
  • Use hand signals: When driving a car, the driver must turn on their turn signal before changing lanes, and cyclists must use the appropriate hand signs to make their lane changes.

Riding a bike may not seem like a dangerous activity. After all, when we think of accidents, we rarely picture a bicycle accident. However, the reality is that bicycle accidents occur, and they can be incredibly dangerous, resulting in severe injuries from broken bones to torn ligaments. Adherence to bike safety laws and tips is crucial to help prevent a nice day out cycling from turning into a traumatic and life-changing experience. 

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