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Preventing Children's Sports Injuries (for Parents)

In 2017, TIME magazine reported that kids’ sports had become a $15 billion industry, and there is no doubt that it has only grown since then. It is not hard to see why. After being stuck inside all winter, kids want to go out and kick a ball around, swim, and enjoy time with their friends. Likewise, parents are becoming increasingly interested in getting their kids outside to play, instead of staying in and staring at a screen all day.

Unfortunately, this kind of play does not always end in suntans and good times. Sometimes, personal injury accidents happen, perhaps more than people realize. So, how prevalent are sports injuries, and is there any way to prevent them?

Sports Injuries Stats

The stats on sports injuries published by John Hopkins Medicine will startle many parents. Below are just a few of the most shocking stats the organization found.

  • Over five million kids under the age of 14 sustain sports injuries every year.
  • The leading cause of death due to sports injuries are traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).
  • Sports cause approximately 21% of all TBIs in children every year.
  • The sports injuries most likely to require emergency treatment are falls, being hit by an object, such as a ball, collisions, and overexertion.
  • Children aged f5 to 14 are most likely to sustain a sports injury.
  • The majority of sports injuries, 62%, happen during practice, not during games.

While these stats are certainly alarming for parents to hear, it does not mean that children should not participate in sports during the summer months. It simply means that parents should take preventative steps to ensure their child remains safe.

Preventing Sports Injuries

While it is natural for a parent to be concerned about a child’s safety when he or she is participating in sports, many do not realize there are steps they can take to minimize the chance of injury. Some of the best preventive measures are below.

Parents should always talk to their children about injuries and the importance of stopping play when something does not feel right. Too many kids try to play through the pain.

  • Children should always get a physical before the season starts to ensure they are in good physical condition to play.
  • Children should engage in a variety of sports to prevent overuse of certain muscles.
  • Parents and coaches should always stress the importance of properly warming up and cooling down.
  • Plenty of rest should be provided between practices, games, tournaments, and other events.
  • Children should always eat a healthy, well-balanced diet that will help the body become more resistant to injury, and heal faster in case an injury is sustained.
  • Hydration is crucial. During play, especially on hot and humid days, children should always have plenty of access to water before, after, and during play.
  • Children should always use protective equipment when necessary, and that equipment should fit properly.
  • Children should be taught proper technique for their sport.

Following these tips can help ensure that all kids finish off their seasons free of injury.

Was Your Child Injured? Speak to a Long Island Personal Injury Attorney

Sports are sometimes inherently dangerous. However, sometimes children become inured due to the negligence of trainers, coaches, and others involved in their sport. For example, a child with a suspected concussion should never be sent back out to play right away, but too often that child is. When this, or any other act of negligence occurs, parents should speak to a Long Island personal injury attorney who can help.

If your child is hurt and you believe it was the fault of someone else, call the Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP at (866) 878-6774. We want every child to have a safe and happy summer, and when someone’s negligence makes that impossible, we will hold them accountable. Call us today or fill out our online form for your free consolation and we will get started on your case.


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