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Segway Accident Victim from New York Files a $5 Million Lawsuit

Segways are not yet the preferred transport method for many, but they are being used as a way of seeing the sights in places such as San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Even some airport security personnel are using them to perform their duties.

They look harmless enough as they quietly wend their way around a city’s streets, but it seems appearance is deceptive, as  Jordana Casciano from New York found out after joining a tour of the National Mall in D.C. Casciano was taken to George Washington University Hospital where she stayed for three days due to a Segway accident.

Her arm was shattered when she lost control of the vehicle and the peace was disturbed by the Segway running wild, including going into an uncontrollable reverse. She said that the handle moved forward rapidly, which caused it to rotate in a similar way to a propeller. Casciano came to grief on the ground, suffering a serious injury.

Following an investigation, it is alleged that a product recall had been issued involving Segways because they could go into reverse without warning, causing the rider to fall. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission knows of six injuries involving these vehicles.

At present, no licenses are required to operate Segways, though some tour operators do ask riders to view a video before they commence the tour. There is no indication that the tour company, Bike and Roll D.C., which was in charge of the Segway that Casciano was using, warned its tour riders of any dangers associated with riding on the machines.

Typically, in a situation such as this, in which an accident took place and injuries resulted, someone will be found to be at fault. Whether the Segway that Casciano was using was part of the recall may be revealed as the lawsuit progresses. If it is found to be the case, then Casciano may be quite in her rights to file a lawsuit against the company responsible for the tour riders and their safety.

She endured injuries that were life-changing, as wires had to be used to help to repair her shattered arm. This will require ongoing treatment, and she has also accumulated medical bills for her initial stay in hospital.

When a lawsuit is filed for a Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer claim such as this, where someone is found to have been the cause of another person’s injuries, the attorney representing the plaintiff will calculate the medical costs of the injury until full recovery is reached, any loss of earnings that the victim has been faced with and an amount for pain and suffering.

When an accident like this happens, it’s important that the victim hires a competent personal injury attorney to ensure a just amount is calculated and no financial hardship has to be endured.

If you have been the victim of an accident that was not your fault and you reside in the New York or Long Island area, you should seek the services of Richard S. Jaffe Esq., who is a very experienced and successful personal injury attorney. Contact him for a free consultation at the Law Offices of Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP 2001 Marcus Avenue, Suite W295, Lake Success, NY 11042. Phone: 516-358-6900 or toll free: 800-483-6149.

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