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Revel’s Moped Services Relaunched in NYC Following Safety Changes

The popular Revel moped sharing app recently relaunched in New York City with additional safety protocols in place. New York City Revel riders are now required to complete a 30-question safety training test as well as to take a selfie of themselves wearing a helmet. The New York City Department of Transportation has announced that riders must complete these requirements before being able to use mopeds. In response to this relaunch, the CEO and co-founder of Revel stated in a statement that the company was proud to relaunch in its hometown of New York City with even better service. The spokesperson also stated that the company is coming back stronger than ever and providing access to more than 360,000 New Yorkers who use Revel.

 A History of Accidents

The Revel app shut down its service in July following several crashes on the company’s mopeds that resulted in an increased focus on the company’s safety records. Last month, Mayor de Blasio commented that the crashes, one of which resulted in the death of a reporter, were unacceptable, and that Revel would not be able to restart business in the city until it met certain safety requirements.

New Safety Protocol Institute by Revel

New York City has already outlined several new safety protocols that will be implemented by Revel besides requisite safety training and helmet wearing. These requirements include:

  • A 60-day trial period in which the Revel app suspends operations between 12 a.m. and 5 a.m. when data reveals a higher rate of crashes
  • Increased penalties for riders with dangerous driving habits like riding the wrong way down one-way streets
  • In-person riding lessons will increase substantially, from 112 slots for classes a week to approximately 1,164 slots
  • New riders must satisfy accountability, account-sharing, and monitoring policies

Despite all of these regulations, New York City still can suspend services at will.

 Safety Strategies for Revel Riders 

Some of the safety steps that you can take to reduce the risk of being seriously injured while riding a Revel include:

  • Avoid potholes. If you are a New York scooter rider, it is common to encounter potholes. Remember to slow down and swerve carefully around the potholes.
  • Know the difference. Scooters are not bicycles. Scooters are machines and things can go wrong while using them even if you are a skilled rider. You should always ride scooters cautiously and avoid going too fast.
  • Wear a helmet. By getting used to wearing a Department of Transportation-approved helmet (as well as a face mask), you can greatly increase the odds that you remain safe even if an accident occurs.

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