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Home Safety Checklist to Keep Your Family Safe

To reduce the risk of coronavirus cases, many Americans and their children are remaining at home as much as possible these days. While this action has the result of keeping many people safe, there are also a countless number of children who are injured each year as a result of accidents that occur while at home.

With the appreciation that more families than ever are spending most of their home at the time, this article reviews the risks as well as some valuable ways to reduce the most common causes of childhood injuries.

Age Groups Most At Risk of Deaths at Home

Preventable deaths in our homes and communities include those caused by non-work related injuries that also do not involve motor vehicles traveling on the road. While the risk of at-home accidents is significant for everyone, certain age groups are more substantially impacted than others.

There are three age groups (25 to 44, 45 to 64, and 75 and older) that represent most of the home and community deaths. The death rate for adults who are aged 75 and older is greater than three times that of any other age group.

Locations in The Home Where Accidents Are Most Common

Our homes are a place to relax, spend time with our families, and rest. Accidents, however, can happen in the home. Some minor scrapes and bruises can occur as well. More concerning, however, is the occurrence of serious injuries that are entirely preventable.

Some of the most common accidents that occur at home and about which families should be mindful as they self-isolate include:

Advice to Reduce the Risk of Home Accidents

While each house is different, various strategies can be utilized to substantially reduce the risk of accidents. Some of the safety strategies that families should remember to follow include:

  • Ensuring that toilet seat covers are kept down at all times
  • Keeping curtains and blinds out of reach from children
  • Keeping medications, cleaning supplies, and other toxic materials out of reach from children
  • Keep poisonous plant out of the reach of children
  • Make sure that heavy items and furniture are secured to prevent tip-overs
  • Making sure that night-lights are kept away from any flammable fabrics
  • Install smoke alarms inside bedrooms, outside bedrooms, and on every level of homes
  • Pad corners and sharp edges
  • Store sharp knives and utensils in a child-proof locked drawer
  • Stores chairs and stools away from counters and stoves
  • Unplugging curling irons, hairdryers, and other electrical appliances and keeping them out of children’s reach
  • Using non-skid bath mats in the bathtub and on the floor

Speak with a Nassau County Personal Injury Attorney

Just because an injury occurs at home does not mean that other parties cannot be found accountable. If someone else caused your accident, remember that you have the right to pursue compensation.

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