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Preparing for a Deposition. What Do I Wear?

The deposition is the single most important aspect of your case and for obvious reasons, the most stressful for many people. Your attorney will have been preparing you for the deposition to ensure that you understand how it works and the kinds of questions you will be asked. Dressing for a deposition is also something you should consider and this is also something your attorney can advise you on. We provide some basic guidelines below;

  • The deposition will be attended by the attorney for the other party and usually the other party is also present. What you wear should therefore send the ‘right’ messages to the other side. The best message for you to send with both your body language and attire is ‘I care about this case.’ Formal attire is therefore best. This means a suit for both men and women.
  • Formal attire also includes a tie and collared shirt for men. A formal blouse for women is best. Sandals should always be avoided as should any other type of shoe that appears casual such as flip flops. Shoes should be enclosed- no peep toe shoes for women.
  • Presentation is a big part of the deposition. You will be asked lots of questions by an experienced attorney representing the other party. Do not give this attorney any reason to feel superior to you. Pay attention to your personal hygiene, cleanliness and grooming when getting ready to attend your deposition. Your hair should be fresh and clean. Women should have their hair neatly combed and pulled back from their face. Men should have a tidy haircut and neat styling.
  • The deposition should be all about getting down to business, with each party gathering the necessary information from their opponent. There should be no distractions. When dressing, go for a modest look. Make sure that your clothing is not see-through and avoid plunging blouses. Tattoos should ideally be covered and avoid costume jewelry. It is also best to avoid wearing any kind of jewelry or accessory that is distracting by either size, style or color. This includes body piercings- minimalist jewelry pieces are the best option if necessary.
  • Make-up and perfume can also be a very unwelcome distraction during a deposition. Use minimally and tastefully. Best avoided if at all possible.
  • Think about the reason for your deposition when preparing your clothing. For example, if you are making a claim for lost earning capacity due to personal injury, dressing in your most professional clothes shows that you are a professional person who could be earning, but for the injury that you have suffered.

At Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP we will always go the extra mile to make sure that you are fully prepared for your deposition. We understand that this is likely something you have not experienced before and we are always available to answer your questions. If you have a question about your deposition, contact us as soon as possible.

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