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Premises Liability: Women Sues Cemetery After Coyote Attack

The last thing a grieving person needs to contend with when visiting a family or a loved one’s grave at a cemetery is to be attacked by a wild animal. Unlikely as it may seem, that’s exactly what recently happened to a woman. New York residents will find it interesting to learn that recently a woman had to fight off a coyote while she was visiting her mother’s grave at a cemetery. The woman alleges that she had to fend off a coyote attack while she was tending to her mother’s grave.

In her premises liability and negligence lawsuit, which was recently filed against the cemetery she was visiting, the woman alleges that the attack was a result of inadequate gating and the lack of other preventive measures at the cemetery. Moreover, she states that the cemetery officials did not adequately warn visitors of the potential risk wildlife and animals pose to them. As a result of the coyote attack, the woman suffered multiple severe and permanent injuries, and is seeking an unspecified amount in damages.

According to wildlife experts, coyote attacks are uncommon. Nevertheless, earlier this year in July, at another cemetery, a 2-year-old girl was attacked and dragged by a coyote toward some bushes. Fortunately, the mother of the young girl was able to fend out the coyote.

Generally, property owners have a duty to provide a safe environment for their patrons and visitors. When a dangerous condition is known and the property owner does not adequately address it, the owner may be liable for harm or serious injury which might result. The circumstances of every case are different. Thus, it is essentially to consult with a premises liability attorney to have the specific of one’s case evaluated for legal sufficiency and other legal options.


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