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Physical and Mental Trauma Personal Injuries

When people think of personal injury, they may tend to envision slip and fall accidents or job related mishaps. We may not consider that psychological trauma is just as real and just as damaging as the physical injuries these examples bring with them. Mental or emotional trauma as the result of a personal injury episode can take far longer to heal than a broken bone. Sometimes, victims are shackled to their mental anguish for the rest of their lives and must live every day in a state of psychological suffering. It is only right that these individuals be compensated by those who wronged them and personal injury laws are in place to do just that.

Physical injuries are easy to spot: a cast for a broken or sprained limb and a bandage for wounds. These are clear indicators of injury and make for a compelling visual case for personal injury in court. Examples of physical injury are manifold and about as varied as you can imagine. For them to be considered acceptable as a basis for a personal injury lawsuit, they would have to impede the victim’s daily life in some way or otherwise place a financial burden on them. Also included in the definition of personal injury are cases of medical malpractice (including dental malpractice) and a victim is afforded all the rights personal injury laws allot in these cases.

While physical injuries are easy to spot, psychological damages are more challenging to establish, let alone prove in a court of law. Mental anguish can arise as the result of physical injury, such as the shame or embarrassment of a disfiguring scar somewhere on the body which has prevented the individual from conducting their daily lives. When seeking reparations for damages, lawyers will often use the term “pain and suffering” to describe their client’s claim. Here, “pain” refers to physical damage while “suffering” pertains to the psychological. They are considered inseparable at times, as one tends to follow the other. If you have ever been involved in something as traumatic as a car accident, even after your physical injuries have healed, you know that your mind is still at the scene of the accident. The stress and panic this episode has caused can last for a long period of time and may require counseling as a part of treatment.

While sometimes overlooked, psychological trauma is just as serious as physical injury and should never be ignored. It can take years or even decades to recover from a truly traumatic event and costs of treatment mount up quickly. You should not have to face these challenges alone, as monetary compensation to help manage the burden another’s negligence has placed in your lap. You should not hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer in your area, if you or someone you know has suffered harm as the result of another’s mistake or oversight. The laws are there to assist you in claiming what is rightfully yours.

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