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Medical Malpractice, a Patient’s Worst Nightmare and a Doctor’s Biggest Mistake

In any position in life, there is no escaping the human element. Unfortunately, making errors is one of them. Medical Malpractice and Misdiagnosis are a serious issue and it starts where you least expect it.

Why should you ever worry a misdiagnosis at a simple check up, when everything seems to be fine with you?

Well sometimes it is those small innocuous symptoms can turn into big problems later in life. That cyst on your neck or bump on your body, may turn out to be nothing more than a growth, but there is always that one percent chance that it can turn out to be something more. We must always make sure to voice our opinion and document our own medical symptoms, so that the doctor has the best chance possible of informing you of any problems that can occur. Preventing any possibility of running into any type of misdiagnosis or medical malpractice is paramount.

Misdiagnoses are not always at the fault of the doctor, we must hold ourselves accountable to record any symptoms that occur through our daily lives. It may be as small as a sneeze to reoccurring pains for short durations. Even when we inform our doctors and they send us off to another doctor to receive treatment. There are so many opportunities for misinformation or lack of information to occur, making sure that everyone knows your situation is another level of security against medical malpractice.

A small allergy or chemical imbalance can send you home with an unwanted visit to the hospital thanks to a misdiagnosis that occurred because of negligence. Medical malpractice is a serious issue and we should flag any situation before it gets buried in a looping bureaucracy. Each of us should take up a similar oath that doctors must swear to serve us, to protect them from creating any errors.

Medical Malpractice and Misdiagnosis can happen during any surgery.

You thought that the anesthesiologist failed to check your medical history to make sure there are no allergies or complications. Well you thought wrong and all of a sudden a serious brain injury spawned from a misdiagnosis or lack thereof.

There are so many surgeries that occur in the hospital, that medical staff members become more relaxed in the environment they are in. They know exactly what to do in many situations, almost allowing their reflexes to take over. They took one look at your chart and sent you off to surgery. They misdiagnosed a simple matter because in their mind they already saw the answer, based on the countless times they had already treated this exact same problem. Well to everyone’s surprise there was a revision done to the charts at another hospital and somehow the old charts were the only ones that was sent over. Woops, looks like someone forgot to check the date on the chart because they thought another person already checked it over.

All the right procedures were taken to ensure that your surgery was the right choice with no possibility of a misdiagnosis. An elite team of doctors were put at your case and you even consulted with many third parties to ensure that this team came to the right decision. You took the medication that they gave you to prep you for surgery. Unfortunately, the lead surgeon decided to stay up all night playing poker and lost a few hours a sleep. He thought no big deal, I could do this surgery in my sleep. Well it so happened during a crucial moment in the surgery, his brain decided to take a micro-sleep and his hand slipped causing a puncture in a vital organ.

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