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Garden Hoses Can Burn Children With Scalding Hot Water

Garden Hoses Can Burn Children With Scalding Hot Water

As a precautionary reminder, it is important to be aware of the potential danger of hot water burns in children during the summer. In a previous report, it was highlighted that a child had been burned by scalding hot water from garden hoses. Leaving a garden hose exposed to sunlight can cause the water inside to become dangerously hot. Research has shown that the temperature inside a garden hose can reach up to 140 degrees, which can result in burns for both humans and animals, including children. Taking necessary precautions and remaining vigilant can help prevent such incidents from occurring.

The Danger Faced by Children

There are several reports of children who have been dangerously burned as the result of water hoses left out in the sun. For example, a San Tan Valley toddler in 2016 required extensive medical care after being badly burned by water from a garden hose. As a result of the accident, the child experienced second-degree burns on 30% of his body. The boy’s mother reports that she was filling up a kiddie pool and accidentally sprayed the child with the hose. To reduce the risk of other similar accidents occurring, the mother wants to warn others about just how hot the water in garden hoses can get during the summer.

Animals are Also at Risk

The danger presented to pets by hot water contained in hoses is just as substantial as the harm that can be done to children. One case study from Texas A&M’s Department of Pathology revealed that skin biopsy samples taken from pets between 2007 to 2010 led to findings that animals experienced thermal burns consistent with exposure to hot water found in garden hoses. Each sample was taken in locations where temperatures were known to rise to at least 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Researchers additionally tested the theory that water from garden hoses was responsible for burn injuries by filling both black and green hoses with water then leaving them out on a lawn in the hot sun. The temperature on these days rose to between 89 to 94 degrees Fahrenheit, and the water inside both hoses reached 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Advice on Dealing with Hot Weather

To avoid burning your children or pet while playing outside this summer, remember to let the water run from the hose for a bit after turning it on to ensure the temperature cools down. In addition, you can avoid the risk of scalding hot water in garden hoses scalding your loved ones by taking the following steps:

  • Avoid storing water hoses outside whenever possible
  • If you must have water hoses outside, make sure you drain them of water after use. You might also decide to use a hose wheel so water is emptied out each time the hose is put away.
  • If someone is scalded by hot water found inside a water hose, remember that burns smaller than the palm of your hand are probably capable of being successfully managed at home. Anything larger will likely require the care of a medical provider.

Dealing with the hot water coming from garden hoses in summer means keeping your family safe and preventing hurting someone else on your property. Imagine having a handful of children in your yard risking being hurt by the hot water in the hose. It is a premises liability lawsuit waiting to happen. According to our personal injury lawyer Garden City NY, managing all risks on your property keeps you, your family, and your guests safe. Otherwise, you might face a liability claim or lawsuit if your garden hose water causes burns to someone. Such cases can take a dark turn if the hot water disfigures or disables a person regardless of their age.

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