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Not Just a Tummy ache if It's Food Poisoning

A recent salmonella outbreak caused by tainted tuna second more than 116 people in 20 states, including 24 cases in New York alone. The CDC says the source of the outbreak was likely something called Nakaochi Scrape, from a company out of Cupertino, California. The culprit? Raw yellowfin tuna. The outbreak possibly originated in India, according to the CDC.

Global food importation has made it increasingly possible to sustain food poisoning, and unwitting consumers are the victims. If you have been the victim of this outbreak or another food poisoning situation, you need expert help on your side. First, of course, you need medical attention immediately, so that a bad situation doesn’t get even worse. Then, you need to contact a Long Island personal injury attorney immediately, one who specializes in food poisoning, so that you get compensation for what you’ve gone through.

Minor, or major?

Most food poisoning cases are relatively minor, but they can be major. The elderly, those who are very young, and those with compromised immune systems are most at risk. Regardless, if you’ve been the victim of food poisoning through no fault of your own and you have stacked up significant medical bills as a result, you need compensation. If your food poisoning has resulted in something more serious, such as lasting disability or compromised health, you are in even greater need of this kind of compensation. That’s where a personal injury attorney in Suffolk can be of assistance to you.

Putting the offending parties on notice

Although the FDA does its best most of the time to control its inspection of foreign site food sources, unscrupulous providers can still slip tainted food into the country. When you file a personal injury lawsuit against a party responsible for your illness, you do more than simply file a lawsuit for your own peace of mind and well-being. You put the offending party on notice that the company, too, will now be a subject of public scrutiny, and you also make this more newsworthy so that others will be put on notice that this company should be avoided. In fact, you may even save lives or at least spare others the agony you’ve gone through by choosing to file a personal injury lawsuit case.

You can’t do it alone

Of course, doing this requires particular expertise, and it’s probably expertise you don’t have. If you’re suffering through a bout of food poisoning, of course, you don’t feel well enough to pursue this anyway, even though you must proceed quickly; time is generally of the essence, so that you must do this quickly even if you haven’t completely recovered. That’s where a personal injury lawyer from Nassau can be of assistance. He or she can handle much of the work for you, so that you can focus on your recovery. At the same time, you will be able to pursue your case and get the compensation you deserve – and protect others from your fate. Take care of yourself, pay your medical bills, and be compensated for any lasting damage you may have to now bear. Your personal injury lawyer from Brooklyn will generally agree to be hired on contingency, meaning that you own nothing to your lawyer unless you win your case. Take care of yourself, and warn others of possible consequences at the same time, by hiring a personal injury lawyer from Nassau to pursue your case.

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