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How to Correct a Mistake on a Car Accident Police Report in NY

People injured in a car accident typically report it to the police. The responding officer takes note of the drivers, witnesses, damage, and accident description. He or she may even take note of who caused the accident.

As you can imagine, the police report plays a critical role when pursuing a personal injury claim for compensation for your losses. That is why it is crucial to obtain a copy of the police report at the scene and review it for accuracy.

What do you do if you discover an error in the police report? Here are a few tips and considerations from a car accident lawyer in Long Island, NY:

How Police Report Errors Occur

Humans make mistakes. Like the rest of us, law enforcement officers make mistakes, too. First, responding to the scene of an accident requires officers to take in lots of information at once while maintaining public safety and order.

With that said, we often see police officers make two types of mistakes:

  • Objective errors
  • Subjective errors

Objective errors concern the factuality of the information as it happened. For example, the model of your car or your date of birth might be recorded inaccurately in the report. These types of mistakes are easy to fix since you can prove them with proper documentation.

Subjective errors are elements of the accident that are recorded in the officer’s account that differ from your own account. For example, you may believe the report contains misinterpreted witness statements. These types of mistakes are more difficult to correct than objective ones.

Three Tips for Correcting an Error in a Police Report

It is essential that you do not ignore errors contained within the police report of your auto accident. Here are a few tips for getting the information corrected:

●      Provide Relevant Documents that Back Up Your Claims: Correcting a police report is easier when you can present relevant documentation that proves your assertions. For example, if your date of birth or license plate numbers are wrong, you can quickly provide your driver’s license or registration to make the changes.

●      Avoid Unnecessary Delays in Reporting the Error: Make sure you request a copy of the police report as soon as it is available. If you discover an error, report the mistake to the precinct or jurisdiction from where it came. Attempt to fix it sooner rather than after the officer finalized it.

●      Hire a Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer on Contingency: If you think the other driver caused your injuries, you may have a valid personal injury claim. An accident attorney can correct the police report for you in conjunction with your lawsuit. Try to find a contingency-fee car accident lawyer in New York to avoid paying a hefty retainer.

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