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Car Carrier Truck Accidents

Commercial vehicles utilized to transport vehicles are a distinct presence on this country’s roads. The weight and substantial size of these transports can result in devastating car carrier truck accidents. Because motor vehicle manufacturers can be seen throughout the state of New York, car hauler crashes frequently occur in New York state and often result in serious injuries and sometimes even fatalities. If you have been harmed in a  car carrier truck accident in the state of New York, contact the Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP right away. Our law firm provides free consultations with an accident lawyer who can assess your injuries to determine if litigation is necessary to pursue the compensation you deserve for your losses.

What Do Car Haulers Do?

Car haulers are large machines utilized to transport vehicles between various locations, including dealerships. These massive vehicles can be single or multi-level carriers. They can be equipped with open or confined spaces.

Multi-level haulers are frequently utilized by companies who perform vehicle transport assignments. Vehicles are transported on 18-wheelers that include double treads that allow vehicles to be moved onto as well as off of the hauler through the use of ramps. Open space haulers can even fit vehicles classified as oversized.

Car haulers with enclosed trailers are frequently utilized to transport extremely expensive vehicles. These car carriers allow rare and valuable vehicles to be transported discreetly, while simultaneously guarding the vehicles against adverse weather conditions and debris that can bounce up from the road.

The number of vehicles that a hauler can carry is influenced by the size of the vehicles and whether carrying more would surpass the carrier’s maximum permitted weight.

New York has a large motor vehicle industry, with almost 500 motor-vehicle-associated businesses and providers in the state. The motor vehicle industry here utilizes thousands of New Yorkers. Some brands like American Motors produce vehicles in the state and disperse motor vehicles throughout the country as well as around the world. Motor vehicle dealerships throughout New York state are supplied by haulers retained by both distributors and manufacturers.

Common Causes of Car Carrier Truck Accidents

Car haulers can be involved in accidents due to a number of different factors. Due to their large weight, haulers require greater stretches of road to come to a stop than smaller passenger vehicles. This makes large haulers vulnerable to various types of accidents, including rear-end collisions. If the driver of a car hauler is operating a vehicle in a risky manner like speeding, driving faster than is safe, or failing to pay sufficient attention to the surroundings, serious crashes can occur.

Haulers are often top-heavy when filled with vehicles. This means that haulers have a high center of gravity, which can result in them moving unsafely by swaying or tilting while taking turns. Additionally, the shifting weight of vehicles on haulers can make it even more likely that a driver will end up losing control of a vehicle hauler.

Besides drivers who lack experience or operate haulers while fatigued, some of the other common causes of car hauler crashes include the following:

  • Overpass accidents. The structure of some older highway bridges in the state of New York does not provide sufficient clearance for a hauler fully loaded with cargo. As a result, a hauler can end up striking an overpass and become stuck under the overpass. A hauler that collides with an underpass and suddenly becomes stuck can end up causing other motor vehicles to crash into it. Additionally, these types of incidents can cause structural damage to the bridge.
  • Motor vehicles loaded on haulers must be secured at the front as well as the rear to avoid movement during travel. Inadequately secured vehicles can end up moving or falling onto the road if the hauler strikes a pothole or brakes suddenly. This is because the substantial shifting weight can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle and up in a crash.
  • Understandably, motor vehicles transported by haulers are filled with gasoline. When haulers end up in a collision, the fuel in these vehicles can quickly ignite and end up causing explosions. This is why vehicles being moved on haulers qualify as hazardous materials in accordance with the federal regulations that apply to commercial trucks. Additionally, commercial truck drivers must carry $1 million of insurance due to the possibility of serious harm.

Due to the great size and weight of haulers, the operators of these vehicles should undergo extensive specialized training before setting out. Drivers of smaller passenger vehicles should exercise caution, as well, when sharing the road with any commercial vehicles.

Who Can be Held Liable for Car Carrier Truck Accidents?

Motorists who are behind the wheel of haulers when crashes occur and whose negligence plays a role in causing the collision are often considered legally responsible for accidents. The company that retained the driver or owned the vehicle might also be held accountable, as well.

Trucking companies can be held accountable either for the actions of their employees or due to the company’s own negligence, which might involve retaining a driver without experience or a person who has an unsafe driving record. A trucking company can also be financially liable if it is revealed that a mechanical failure on a truck contributed to the crash and the company should have known the vehicle should not be on the road. Some other potential parties who might play a role in hauler crashes include:

  • Companies that own vehicles being moved by the hauler
  • A vendor tasked with loading as well as securing vehicles on a carrier
  • A third-party service vendor who bears the responsibility for overseeing the carrier
  • Government departments tasked with designing and maintaining roads

Contact an Experienced Long Car Crash Attorney

If you or someone you care about has incurred substantial injuries as the result of a vehicle hauler in the state of New York, you should not hesitate to speak with an experienced accident attorney who can review your available rights. The lawyers at the Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP will examine the facts of your case and assist you in appreciating whether you can seek payment for lost wages, medical costs, as well as other damages you might end up facing after a vehicle hauler crash.

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