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Automatic Door Accident Lawyer

For many of us, it is a daily or at least frequent occurrence that we pass through automatic doors. There are several reasons why these doors are so common. For one, many retail stores have automatic doors. Two, there are many different types of automatic doors including revolving, sliding, swinging, and folding doors.

Many people pass through these doors unharmed and as a result, it is common to use automatic doors without thinking about the potential risks involved. Unfortunately, sometimes doors hit or otherwise harm unsuspecting people. A door-related incident often comes as a great surprise and can throw people off balance or even knock them to the ground.

Personal injuries caused by these accidents are often severe and can result in life-changing complications and sometimes even fatalities. If you have suffered a door-related injury, an experienced personal injury attorney can help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

Why are Doors Dangerous?

Some of the most common locations where door accidents occur include big box stores, cruise ships, drug stores, hospitals, restaurants, and supermarkets. In the case of many door-related accidents that occur at customer-facing businesses, the store manager is not even aware that automatic doors should be routinely inspected. In many cases, store managers are so overwhelmed with other concerns that they fail to even consider this possibility, and the doors are allowed to fall into disrepair, endangering everyone.

Injuries Commonly Caused by Door Accidents

The most common injuries that people incur in door accidents include:

  • Being crushed by doors, which commonly involves injuries to a person’s brain, head, or neck
  • Blunt force injuries, in which doors swing in the wrong direction and hit those trying to pass through them
  • Lacerations, in which a door strikes a person hard enough that the glass breaks and causes deep lacerations in the victim.
  • Pinch point accidents, in which victims experience injuries when a body part becomes caught in moving parts of the door.

Door Owners Have a Responsibility to Keep Others Safe

Door owners have the responsibility of making sure that their property is safe for anyone who is invited onto or accesses the property. To make sure that automatic doors are working properly, these property owners must perform routine inspections. If a door was recently installed, this includes making sure that all parts of the door are in working order. If someone is invited onto the property and is injured by the door while there, the property owner can be held liable for the resulting damages.

Speak with an Experienced Automatic Door Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been injured in a door accident, contact Cohen & Jaffe LLP today to schedule a free case evaluation. Our experienced legal team has an in-depth understanding of the complex laws involved in door accidents.

During a free case evaluation, we will begin determining who was responsible for the accident as well as how the accident occurred. Throughout your case, we will remain committed to fighting for the results you deserve. Contact us today for assistance.

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