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Property owners have a duty to offer safe conditions to those who enter their premises. When they fail in this duty and you are injured, that property owner may be liable to provide fair compensation for your costs and losses that result. However, you will still need to demonstrate how the incident occurred and establish the extent of your losses.

This can require gathering evidence, a knowledge of the law, and more. An injury lawyer from our team can help you hold a Hempstead property owner liable for your slip and fall. At the Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP we can help to explain the relevant laws, perform a full investigation into the fall, measure how the incident impacted your life, and demand proper payments in and out of court.

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You Could Seek Compensation For Your Medical Costs

If a property owner is found liable for a slip and fall that occurred on their property, they may have to provide fair compensation to injured individuals who fall victim to these accidents. For many people, their central form of loss includes the medical bills resulting from their injuries. We can demand payments for:

  • An ambulance ride
  • Emergency room care
  • Surgery
  • Hospitalization
  • Assistive devices
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Medications
  • Ongoing care

A lawyer from our firm could gather evidence of any medical bills and records to demonstrate your losses.

Other Forms of Compensation You Could Seek

Another potential source of compensation is lost income. If injuries from your slip and fall keep you away from work for a period of time, this could be a compensable loss in your case. A Hempstead injury lawyer could even seek compensation in situations where you face a temporary inability to work or a permanent disability.

Depending on the level of your injury’s severity, you could also seek damages for your pain and suffering. The team at the Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP will work by your side to determine how the incident affected your life, determine a fair settlement value, and demand appropriate payments.

Property Owners in Hempstead Have a Duty to Ensure Safe Conditions

Slip and fall injuries can result from a variety of unsafe conditions on public or private premises. Whether in a public area or a private business, property owners must take reasonable steps to ensure that their property is safe. Many cases hinge on whether a property owner’s actions were appropriate in addressing hazardous conditions. We can take the lead in evaluating a property owner’s behavior and gathering any evidence of negligence. We must prove the following:

  • There was a dangerous condition on the property.
  • The property owner knew, or should have known, about the dangerous condition.
  • The property owner failed to remedy the condition or warn visitors.
  • You were injured because of the dangerous condition.

To establish the criteria above, we can investigate:

  • A property owner’s maintenance processes
  • Whether an owner took proper steps to clear a spill, ice, or water
  • Whether there were prior complaints about the hazard
  • If the property owner completed an incident report
  • If the property owner placed warning signs around a hazard
  • Surveillance video of the incident
  • If anyone witnessed the accident

We can perform a full investigation into what caused your injury and build a case to link your injury to a property owner’s negligence.

We Can Defend Your Case Against Allegations of Comparative Negligence

In your case, it may be clear that you suffered an injury on the property of another party. However, that property owner or their insurance company may attempt to argue that you were partially at fault for your own injuries.

This is possible because of a principle called contributory negligence. According to CVP § 1411, injured people who were partially responsible for an incident that led to their losses could receive reduced compensation. Your compensation would be reduced in proportion to your responsibility for the incident.

For example, if a jury believes that you were 25 percent responsible for a fall due to looking at a cell phone, that jury will reduce your awards by 25 percent. We can work to prove that a property owner’s failures were the sole source of your injuries.

State Law Gives You a Limited Time to Pursue a Lawsuit

Another vital thing to remember about slip and fall cases in Hempstead is the statute of limitations. This is a state law that limits how long after a fall a person has to demand compensation in court.

According to CVP § 214, this time limit is three years from the date of the incident. While this may seem like a long time, making a recovery from an injury may be lengthy, and negotiations with insurance companies can drag on into the future. If you fail to act within this time, you may end up paying for your losses out of pocket. An injury lawyer from our team will remain mindful of all deadlines that may apply to your case.

You Pay Nothing Upfront

We are dedicated to bringing you the compensation that you deserve while you focus on making your best recovery. In fact, if we do not recover compensation for you, there is no cost for our services. We only ask for payment as a percentage of the settlement that we help you obtain. There is no risk when you work with us.

We Can Fight for You in Your Hempstead Slip and Fall Case

After your slip and fall, a Hempstead property owner could be liable for all your losses. Still, proving these cases can be difficult, and there is a limited time to act. An injury lawyer on our team could help you to seek these payments.

Contact the team at the Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP today. We are standing by to provide a free consultation and to explain your legal rights. Reach out to us today at (866) 878-6774 for a free consultation and to see how we are ready to fight for you.

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