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What Compensation am I Entitled to After an Auto Accident?

This is a complicated question because there are so many factors to address. However, in general, the law is written to make a person “whole” again after an injury from a car accident in Long Island. So, when people are hurt in an auto accident, they have a number of rights that can be asserted. These can vary slightly from state to state. When someone is involved in a motor vehicle collision, there are a lot of things to consider: Am I hurt? Is anyone else hurt? Do I need to go to the hospital? What about my vehicle? How will I pay my medical bills? How will I get to work or school? How will I pay my bills if I lose income? Each of these concerns is addressed by the law:

How to Pay Medical Bills After a Motor Vehicle Accident

If someone else is responsible for causing the motor vehicle accident and you suffer physical injuries, you are entitled to compensation for these injuries. The extent of your compensation is determined by considering a number of things, such as the nature of the injury, severity of the impact, whether the injury is permanent or not, and how much the medical care will cost.

It is no mystery that medical care can be expensive. In fact, The Atlantic reports that in a study of 8,000 Americans across the country, the average cost of an emergency room visit was $2,168. Unfortunately, health insurance does not always cover medical care. Likewise, many medical providers will not even bill your health insurance. Therefore, you have a right to demand that the at-fault party pay these costs. Medical bills are not the only costs injured motorist get stuck with after a crash.

Pain and Suffering After a Car Accident

The term “pain and suffering” has gotten a lot of attention in the media, but it is not as confusing as some may believe. Basically, when you are injured by the negligence of another, the law says they have to put you back in the position you would have been in if not for their negligence. Since you cannot undo pain and agony and aching muscles, the law uses money as a substitute.

The amount of money you can receive for this depends on the facts of your case. Sometimes a minor car crash can result in significant pain. Likewise, serious auto crashes sometimes do not lead to bad injuries. This is why it is important to work with an experienced Long Island personal injury lawyer who can help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

Lost Wages After Being Injured Due to the Negligence of Another

If you lose income due to the accident, you may be able to collect compensation for your lost wages, as well. This can mean a number of things. Perhaps you were unable to work because your doctor put you on a lifting restriction. Or, maybe you took time off work to go to physical therapy appointments. In more serious cases, a person may suffer a permanent injury that makes employment impossible. Sometimes, a person cannot return to the same type of employment and must find work in a lower-paying field due to limitations caused by the injury. All of these can be grounds for seeking lost wages.

Property Damage

In addition to physical injuries after a car accident, the owner of the damaged vehicle has a right to be compensated for the loss of a vehicle. If the vehicle has a fair market value of less than the likely cost of repairs, the insurance company will often consider the vehicle a total loss. This means, the owner of the vehicle is compensated for the fair market value of the vehicle. For older but well-maintained vehicles, this may leave the owner having to take out a loan to replace the lost vehicle, as the insurance payment may not be enough to truly replace the vehicle.

Diminished Value

Even after repairs, some vehicles may actually lose significant value. This is especially true of collector cars and rare antiques. In 2011, a New York court found that in some limited situations, a person may be able to recover the diminished value of their vehicle. This is the difference between the vehicle’s value before and after the crash.  If you think this may apply to your situation, you should speak to a Long Island auto accident lawyer.

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