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2016 Scholarship Finalists

  • Voting is limited to one vote per person
  • The voting period closes on May 25, 2016

The top 5 essays with the most votes will win:

  • 1st place awarded a $1,000 scholarship
  • Runner up awarded a $500 scholorship
  • Three applicants will be awarded $250 for honorable mention.

2016 Scholarship Winners

Essay One1st Place: Adrianna Quig

Number of votes:

My first open heart surgery was at two weeks old, my second at two months, and my third at seventeen years old. I was born with four congenital heart defects (CHDs) requiring multiple surgeries to repair them. Fortunately, dealing with multiple obstacles throughout my life has allowed me to develop certain characteristics that have led to my success so far. ...READ MORE

Essay SixRunner Up: Lauren Kreinces

Number of votes:

"The world does not revolve around you." While most kids have heard this line from time to time-I can attest that my parents meant it. However they did not just mean being a whiney kid would not be tolerated. Included was the message each one of us is part of the community and it is both our honor and our obligation to care for those less fortunate than ourselves. ...READ MORE

Essay SevenHonorable Mention: Mariel Nario

Number of votes:

Leaving the Philippines was the hardest obstacle I had to overcome. With it came emotional hardships and the need to understand the value of exchanging the familiarity of home to the unce11ainties of moving to a new country. However, it not only challenged my emotional and mental strength, but it also opened my eyes to all the possibilities I wish to discover and dreams I have yet to reach. ...READ MORE

Essay FourHonorable Mention: Gilberto Peña

Number of votes:

Growing up in Southern California in the city of Lynwood I have been exposed to an environment filled with hardships and imperfect situations. Every day, as I walked home after school or passed through the streets of Lynwood, I encountered many strangers who looked physically different from my family and friends. ...READ MORE

Essay EightHonorable Mention: Mollie Weinstein

Number of votes:

I took to the blue mat just like I had a million times before. Confidently, I began my run into my tumbling pass and threw my body into a full mid air twist. I landed solidly and at that exact moment, I knew something horrible had happened. The pain ripped through my knee and up my leg and I fell to the ground. I knew my life was about to change. ...READ MORE