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Scam Artists Have Found a Way To Use Your Car Insurance For Massages After a Car Accident

Being involved in an auto accident can be a worst nightmare for anyone. But have you ever been in a situation where a beat-up car with multiple passengers cuts you off and slams on the brakes? No matter what you do to try to stop your own car in time to avoid a car crash, nothing will make a difference. Next thing you know, another vehicle with a driver and two or more passengers rams into you from behind, boxing you in. No one seemingly gets injured in the accident, or did they?

After the car accident, all of the occupants of the two vehicles roll around on the ground, holding their necks while law enforcement writes-up a report to record the injuries even though they might be suspicious. Maybe your car is in need of repairs, or your insurance premiums increase, but what if you live in a no-fault insurance state like New York? While you’re getting your car fixed, the other “injured” individuals involved in the auto accident are seeking massage therapy or chiropractic care which can cost as much as $10,000 or more.

Welcome to the Insurance Game of No-Fault

These automotive accidents are also known as “swoop and squat” crashes where those involved in the fraud are most often poor immigrants or other individuals who might be in need of quick cash. The car accidents are deliberate attempts by drivers, and possibly others who orchestrate the crashes, to claim auto insurance payouts. The staged motor vehicle accidents are sometimes multi-fraudulent situations where injured parties are going to fake clinics or doctors for treatments that are unnecessary and never even performed. When this occurs, everyone involved in the car crash and the bogus treatment is hoping for a payout.

The offenders in these crashes generally prefer to stage a swoop and squat crash in no-fault insurance states, where both the victim of the crash and the offender can collect reimbursement from their own insurers. This presumably provides the victim with less incentive to report the fraudulent activity. Accordingly, if you live in New York, which is a no fault insurance state, you are at particular risk for these swoop and squat accidents. One way to prevent becoming a victim of a fraudulent accident and insurance claim is to be alert when you are driving. Be aware of vehicles that are slowing down and braking in front of you, and always maintain a safe following distance so as to avoid rear-ending vehicles. Also speak to our dedicated Long Island motor vehicle accident attorney as soon as possible.

Call an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Long Island

If you believe you’ve been a victim of a swoop and squat accident in Long Island and the surrounding New York area, be sure to contact a knowledgeable and experienced Long Island Auto Accident Lawyer as soon as possible. An auto accident attorney who has the skills and resources necessary to handle such a case will only increase your chances of obtaining favorable results in your case. Contact the Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP by calling (516) 358-6900 or by filling out a no-obligation, free consultation form and learn how we can help you. We are available 24/7 so don’t hesitate to contact us at any time, day or night.

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