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Holidays and Summer Months To Have More Serious Car Accidents

To a certain extent, the risk of encountering a dangerous or deadly car accident is always present. No matter what day it is, some drivers will make the choice to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol, taking drugs or not getting enough sleep. Others will take their eyes off the road to send a text, program their GPS or play with the radio. Add in speeders, red light-runners and a whole host of other dangerous but common behaviors, and it begins to become clear why so many people are killed and seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents.

Which Holiday Weekends Are Most Dangerous to Drive?

Still, despite this omnipresent danger, there are clearly some times of year that are more dangerous than others.

Not surprisingly, some of the most dangerous days are on holiday weekends, when people are more likely to be traveling, staying out late and drinking. According to data published by the American Safety Council, roads tend to be particularly dangerous around the Fourth of July, Christmas, New Year’s and Labor Day holidays. The ASC’s data shows that, on average, the following are the ten most deadly driving days:

  • July 4
  • July 3
  • December 23
  • August 3
  • January 1
  • August 6
  • August 4
  • August 12
  • July 2
  • September 2

In general, the summer months tend to see a disproportionate share of serious car accidents, with August being the deadliest month overall.

There are a number of reasons that summer brings so many traffic accidents, but one of the prime culprits is a sudden influx of teen drivers. In fact, these young drivers are so at risk that some law enforcement officials refer to summer vacation as the “100 deadliest days.”

During the summer, teens aren’t in school, which means they are spending more time driving to and from work or social engagements. The mere fact that teens are so inexperienced behind the wheel puts them at greater risk of being involved in an accident. Making matters worse is the fact that teens tend to engage in risky behavior. According to a story published in HealthDay News, approximately 4,500 teens try marijuana and another 11,000 drink alcohol for the first time every day during summer vacation.

Long Island Car Accident Lawyers

Of course, prevention is always the best medicine when it comes to combating serious car accidents. Thousands of auto accidents every year could be avoided if drivers would slow down, stay sober and focus on the road. Parents of teen drivers can do their part by making sure that their children understand the dangers that come with engaging in risky behaviors behind the wheel.

If an car accident does happen, it is important for victims to understand and protect their rights. When an auto accident is caused by another person’s negligence, the victim may be able to recover compensation for damages including physical injury, medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, our Long Island personal injury attorneys can help you understand your options.

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