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Personal Watercraft Related Accidents

Personal Watercraft Can Cause Serious Injuries

There are few things that are so synonymous with summer as personal watercraft. Visit lakes and other bodies of water around New York and throughout the country during the summer months and you are bound to see the water littered with jet skis, wave runners, and other similar craft. While these vehicles do afford riders and operators a unique thrill, they also pose serious dangers as well as watercraft related catastrophic injuries. Children are especially at-risk for being hurt by these types of watercraft.

Common Personal Watercraft-Related Injuries in Long Island

 During the summer months and at other times at which individuals take to the water in a jet ski or wave runner, one typically sees an increase in certain kinds of injuries like:

  • Drownings and near-drownings: The risk of drowning increases whenever a person is on the water and does not have a properly-fitted life jacket and/or knows how to swim. Even if a drowning is not fatal, a near-drowning can deprive the victim’s brain of oxygen and thereby cause serious (and potentially irreversible) brain damage.
  • Head and neck injuries: The force with which someone can be thrown off a personal watercraft and hit the water’s surface is more than enough to cause a traumatic brain injury or other head, neck, and/or spinal column injury – especially considering that many individuals who use personal watercraft do not wear a helmet. This, in turn, can lead to permanent disabilities and loss of functioning. Head injuries can also result if you are in the water and a careless boater or user of a watercraft strikes you with the craft.
  • Broken bones: One may believe that falling on water acts to reduce the severity of a person’s injuries, but when it comes to falling off of a watercraft like a jet ski or wave runner the force involved in such an accident can easily break bones and thereby limit the victim’s mobility and independence.

Thankfully there are safety tips that operators of personal watercraft can follow to reduce the chance of a serious or fatal watercraft accident:

  • Take swimming lessons and/or boater safety courses to learn what you should and should not do on the water;
  • Always wear a life vest, even if you consider yourself to be a good swimmer;
  • Never go out on the water without someone else knowing where you are in the event you need emergency assistance; and/or
  • Pay attention to others on the water and in the water.

Our Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer is Here to Assist You

If you or a loved one find yourself injured in a personal watercraft accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, losses, and expenses if your accident came about because of another person’s careless or reckless actions on the water. While the Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP would prefer that no one is injured on the water this summer, our office also believes victims of watercraft accidents ought not bear the financial burdens that their injuries cause when another person is responsible for the crash. Call our firm to discuss your case with an experience and trusted Long Island personal injury lawyer at (866) 580-1960  or contact us online.

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