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The Impact Of Social Media On Your Case

When we need legal representation, we of course turn to trusted attorneys in our communities. Attorneys help protect our legal rights during legal proceedings. However, attorneys cannot fully represent us without our input—imagine an attorney attempting to help a motor vehicle accident victim recover for his injuries without ever speaking to the victim! Certainly, it would be a challenge.

Many of us fail to recognize the significance of our actions before, during, and after a legal claim. The attorney-client relationship must be viewed as a partnership, with both parties working toward a common goal. Both the attorney’s and the client’s actions may change the outcome of a case.

Such changes in the outcome of a legal claim have become especially apparent with the rise in social media’s popularity. Many users post to social media every single day. They share what they eat for breakfast, the latest trick their cat has learned, and which friends they are meeting for happy hour. They share times of sorrow and times of joy. A single sentence, though seemingly innocent at the time, may detrimentally impact a social media user’s legal claim.

How A Social Media Post Can Hurt Your Lawsuit

In one Florida case, a man who won a discrimination case and was to take home $80,000 in settlement funds lost his right to recover when his daughter decided to post about the settlement award on Facebook. Before the settlement was officially entered into the court record, the plaintiff’s daughter posted that the settlement would be paying for her summer vacation to Europe, and for the defendant to “SUCK IT.”

Clearly not amused, the defendant’s attorneys sought to have the settlement revoked, arguing that a confidentiality agreement regarding the settlement had clearly been violated. The court agreed, and the plaintiff lost the right to recover.

This example illustrates the importance of having a trustworthy attorney by your side at all times during a case. The personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe work with clients through every phase of a claim—including post-trial or post-settlement matters. With our attorneys by your side, you will receive the guidance you need to ensure your legal interests are protected and that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Going through a legal claim can be stressful and overwhelming. Many clients, simply unaware of the consequences of their actions, make statements or take other actions that end up damaging their cases. Posting about the case on social media platforms, discussing the claim with friends, or even simply sharing family vacation photos can all have negative effects on a case. However, with our guidance, you will understand the steps you can take to ensure your attorney is able to obtain the best results possible on your behalf.

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