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Coffee Presses Sold Only at Starbucks Recalled by Bodum

Bodum has recalled coffee presses only sold through Starbucks nationwide and have been available online at starbucks.com. This recall is a result of injuries that have taken place when consumers have used the product. The injuries have taken place when the glass carafe dropped out of the metal frame that is attached to a plastic base. The coffee press may shatter or break something and can inflict lacerations and burns on consumers.

Bodum has so far received around 14 reports of incidents where the glass carafes has broken or shattered when the plastic base of the coffee press separated from its metal frame. The reports so far have identified four minor injuries, which includes two burns and some lacerations.

This recall is for the 8 cup Bodum® rose gold Chambord glass coffee presses. The glass carafe of the coffee press, the plunger and screen are held together by a metal frame which is rose colored and is fixed to a base which is made from black plastic. Users place hot water and ground coffee into the glass carafe and then push the plunger with attached screen into the water, which then brews the coffee. The coffee presses measure 10 inches in height with a diameter of 4 inches. Imprinted on the glass carafe is the word “Bodum” while on a label which is white and is attached under the base is the SKU number, 11029732. Underneath the black plastic base are also imprinted the words “Bodum” and “Made in Portugal”.

If you have purchased one of these coffee presses it will only be from Starbucks and between November and December 2013. It would have cost around $40.

Every day dangerous and defective products are a threat to unwary consumers but under products liability law in New York, manufacturers can be made accountable for the damage their products inflict. It is not necessary for an attorney to prove that the manufacturer was negligent as the evidence is in the defective product.

Coffee carafes are not one of the most common types of defective products. Defects in vehicles commonly attract recalls and lawsuits. Recent incidences have included inappropriately installed floor mats leading to unintended increase in acceleration, defective tires causing tread separation, dangerously positioned gas tanks and defective airbags. Children’s toys have in recent years also been subject to injuries and lawsuits.

Many defective products are difficult to track down as there are many points of sale but in the case of the coffee presses purchasers can easily identify if they have purchased a defective product as Starbucks was the only company selling these products.

Anyone who has been injured by a Bodum coffee press should contact a personal injury lawyer who will assess the injury and a decision will be made if filing a lawsuit is appropriate.

Filing a claim for compensation not only pays the medical costs of the victim and loss of wages while recovering, but is also a reminder to companies marketing products that consumers can take action if an injury results from a badly produced product. Richard S. Jaffe Esq. is an experienced personal injury attorney who knows the dangers and hardships caused by defective products and can be contacted at the Law Offices of Cohen & Jaffe LLP, 2001 Marcus Avenue, Suite W295, Lake Success, NY 11042

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