Medical Malpractice Attorney – Long Island, NY – Cohen & Jaffe

Medical malpractice is when doctors or hospitals do something wrong and as a result of their wrongdoing, you get hurt. Medical malpractice happens not because a doctor wants to hurt you, or they want to commit medical malpractice. It could be that the doctors are overworked, or overtired, or the hospitals that they’re working in are understaffed or under-equipped. The main point I want to get across to you is that when you’re hurt as a result of somebody else’s negligence, you have rights. Let me help you protect those rights. Let me explain them to you. You’re going through a lot at this point. You have emotional loss, you have pain and suffering. You have economical loss. Come into my office. It doesn’t cost anything to talk about your case with me. Let me help you figure out what that next step is going to be, and let me take that next step with you.