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What should I do to start the process of considering a claim in my elevator or escalator accident?

If you have not contacted an attorney, we suggest contacting one with experience in New York elevator or escalator cases right away. There are several steps to take and actions to avoid to protect your rights after a serious elevator or escalator accident. A Cohen & Jaffe lawyer would be happy to help you.

In addition to setting up a free initial legal consultation about our case, you can help yourself by:

  • Making a record of the accident. If you have found this page right after your accident, try to document the accident scene by taking photos with your phone or another device. Photograph any visible problems with the elevator or escalator. Take pictures of your injuries and any torn or damaged clothing and accessories. Save any damaged clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc., as they are. As soon as you can after your accident, write down what happened while your memory is fresh.
  • Reporting your accident. Tell the building’s management about your accident and say you want to file a report. Get a copy of the report. Be sure to tell the truth, but do not say anything to blame yourself.
  • Seeing a doctor. You need to have your injuries examined and treated by a doctor for the sake of your well-being and to document the fact that you have been injured. Follow your doctor’s orders for additional treatment, rest, medication, etc. Save all receipts for medical expenses or any other expense connected to your injury.
  • Being wary of quick offers. You may hear from lawyers or insurers representing the owners of the building where you were hurt, or the company responsible for the elevator or escalator. They may offer you a settlement. It is probably less than you deserve. We suggest that you decline such an offer unless an attorney has reviewed it and advised that it be accepted. Be careful to not make statements that cast blame on yourself, and do not sign anything – you could be signing away your rights.

Once you contact Cohen & Jaffe, we can advise you about a potential claim and you can refer any questions you receive to “your attorney.” Call Cohen & Jaffe at 866-895-0420 for a free consultation, or fill out our online form and we will respond immediately. If you are injured, we can come to you.

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