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Escalator Accidents

The injuries that victims may suffer in an escalator accident can be devastating and in some cases, fatal. Escalators are found in many places such as the subway, stadiums, office buildings, department stores and other buildings.

Injuries are often sustained when sandals or loose-fitting shoes become trapped in the moving stair system, causing serious injuries to toes and feet or leading to a fall. Small children are especially susceptible to their toes and fingers being caught in the moving stairs. Falls are also common when an escalator stops suddenly.

Some escalator equipment and machinery are decades old. Malfunctions can occur due to motor breakdowns, lack of proper maintenance, wearing out of moving parts and electrical power outages or surges causing the machinery to stop and start suddenly.

An escalator may also pose a safety threat due to its dangerous design.

When an escalator malfunctions or causes injury to a rider, there may be several parties that could be liable for the injuries and damages that occur.

Liability for Escalator Accidents

When a person is injured on an escalator, there may be several parties who could be held liable for the accident. First, the owner of the building where the escalator is located may be liable under the law of premises liability. An owner of a property where an escalator is in use has a duty to keep the premises safe for visitors.

If the maintenance of an escalator is not undertaken with due care and according to industry standards, regulations and the law, the owner of the premises may be liable for any injuries that result.

Similarly, the company that is hired to maintain, inspect and repair the escalator may be liable for the riders’ injuries due to negligence.

Manufacturers of parts that are used on an escalator unit may also be liable if those parts are defective in their design or manufacture.

Lastly, the security company that is charged with keeping the premises safe may also be liable for an accident if it knew or should have known about an unsafe condition on an escalator and failed to shut it down and secure it so no one would be hurt.

Depending upon the facts of the case, any of these entities could be jointly responsible for the damages resulting from an accident on an escalator.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident involving an escalator, please consult with an experienced and qualified Long Island premises liability lawyer who is familiar with the design, engineering, maintenance and security of escalators.

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