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Long Island Fall Injuries

Injury victim who has a broken foot and has a case handled by a Long Island fall injury lawyer.

When a person suffers a bad fall, it is often the visible injuries – cuts and broken bones, for example – that are the immediate focus. What many people do not realize is that after a fall, even on a flat surface, what appears to be a minor injury may be extremely dangerous or even fatal if not treated promptly.

Fall accident victims often suffer head trauma and other serious injuries that may not be identified immediately after a fall. It is always important to seek medical attention after falling from any height or on a walking surface.

At the Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP, our mission is to help accident victims get back on their feet and back to normal life. We realize fall injuries may have an impact on a person’s ability to earn a living, participate in family activities and events, and other normal daily activities.

When a fall accident results in permanent injuries, we work closely with doctors, nurses and other medical specialists to see that the long-term needs of our clients are met. We seek to recover compensation on their behalf for all financial losses. Surgeries, rehabilitation, physical therapy, in-home assisted care, medical equipment, loss of income, lost earning potential, pain and suffering, as well as psychological and emotional trauma are some of the accident-related expenses for which we may pursue compensation. We will do everything possible legally to help improve the quality of life for the victim and his or her family.

Simply put, we take care of our clients. If you have sustained injuries in any type of slip-and-fall accident, contact us today for a free consultation.

Injuries Commonly seen in Falls

Our law firm has handled all types of falling accidents, from slip-and-fall injuries at ground level to work-related falls from scaffolding and other heights. We are familiar with the injuries commonly suffered in serious falls, which often include a combination of:

  • Broken arms and fractured ribs, which may also involve tears in the cartilage connecting the ribs to the breastbone.
  • Broken legs, hip bones, a fractured pelvis or coccyx.
  • Foot, ankle and knee injuries, including sprains, tears, stress fractures and breaks.
  • Head injuries, which can include facial trauma, concussions or traumatic brain injuries (TBI).
  • Spinal cord injuries as a result of a contusion, which will often lead to bruising, inflammation or bleeding around the spinal cord.
  • Internal bleeding within tissue, organs or other body cavities (such as the head, chest or abdomen), which is often as a result of fractures or trauma to internal organs.
  • Organ damage such as a ruptured spleen, liver injuries or damaged kidneys.
  • Lacerations, contusions and bruises.
  • Soft-tissue injuries, which can include back strains, torn ligaments and damage to cartilage.

Types of Hazards that could Result in Fall Injuries

When someone falls from a height or slips and falls while on another person’s property, the case may give rise to a premises liability claim. When a person is injured due to an unsafe condition that the property owner was aware of – or should reasonably have been aware of – but failed to address, that property owner may be liable.

Premises liability does not automatically apply to all fall injuries. An owner or other responsible party must have been negligent, careless or reckless when it comes to keeping the property reasonably safe.

Some of the most common types of premises liability hazards that could result in fall injuries include:

  • Uneven sidewalks or flooring.
  • Potholes.
  • Poorly lit walkways, stairwells or parking lots.
  • Improperly secured carpets or floor tiles.

  • Obstructions on the floor or along walkways and hallways.
  • Broken ladders and steps.
  • Slippery floors (from spills, broken pipes, tracked-in water, etc.).
  • Adverse weather (snow accumulation, black ice, etc.).

Many fall accidents happen at the workplace as well, particularly in construction. There are special laws in New York that may allow an injured construction worker to recover more than just workers’ compensation benefits if he or she was injured in a fall while working on scaffolding or using a ladder, for example.

Personal Injury, Handled Personally

Law partners Richard Jaffe and Stephen Cohen have recovered millions of dollars in personal injury settlements and verdicts. Fall injury lawyer Richard Jaffe also brings a unique background as a certified EMT (emergency medical technician). His knowledge of the medical issues and his personal experience in rendering aid to trauma victims are a key advantage in our efforts to maximize compensation for our clients.

We work closely with clients, family members and physicians to detail the full impact of serious physical injuries — medical, financial and personal. Contact the Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP at 866-895-0420 to arrange a free consultation with our Long Island fall injury attorneys.

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