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Failure to Diagnose and Misdiagnosis Lawsuit on Long Island


With high-resolution CT scans and other advances in medical technology, it’s hard to fathom that cancer tumors and life-threatening conditions go undetected. It’s not the technology. The common thread is human error — doctors and technicians who didn’t look, didn’t listen or didn’t follow through.

If you or a loved one suffered grave harm from a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, you may have a right to recover compensation for medical malpractice. The Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP has successfully sued physicians and hospitals for the tragedy of a failure to diagnose.

Permanent Harm or Death From Diagnosis Errors. Contact us today for a free case evaluation. We handle medical malpractice injuries and wrongful deaths on Long Island. Se habla español.

NY Failure to Diagnose Lawyers – Long Island

We represent victims of medical malpractice in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens and throughout the NYC metro area. Trial lawyer Richard Jaffe brings more than 20 years of experience in this legal arena, plus uncommon insights into acute trauma care and medical diagnosis as a trained and practicing EMT (emergency medical technician).

Our law firm has recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements, including damages for:

  • Failure to diagnose heart attack or stroke
  • Failure to diagnose cancer
  • Failure to diagnose sepsis, meningitis and other infection
  • Misdiagnosis resulting in unnecessary surgery or harmful treatment

What Constitutes Malpractice in Diagnosis?

It is not enough that the doctor missed signs and symptoms. A lawsuit for failure to diagnose must also show that the patient would have lived or been spared from injuries if not for the negligence, or was robbed of timely treatment that would have improved the odds or extended life.

The lawsuit can seek damages for medical intervention and future care, lost earnings, amputation or disability, and pain and suffering, or damages for diminished life expectancy or a loved one’s preventable death. We are skilled at detailing the negligence of family physicians or general practitioners, emergency room physicians, OB-GYNs, oncologists, radiologists, nurses and technicians and others who played in a role.

A Tragic — And All Too Common — Example

The patient had all the classic signs of colon cancer. A colonoscopy was performed, but the doctor, spying no evidence, halted the procedure prematurely. If he had advanced the scope through one final turn — as indicated by standard protocol — he would have discovered the highly treatable stage 1 tumor. Instead, the patient was not diagnosed until stage 4 when the cancer had spread to other organs and nothing could be done. We recovered wrongful death damages in a malpractice suit on behalf of the family.

Long Island Misdiagnosis Lawyers

People die or suffer because medical professionals get lazy or complacent, or fail to listen to patients and follow up. If you believe that the doctors or hospital staff failed to diagnose a treatable condition, it costs you nothing to have your case reviewed by our medical experts. There are no attorney fees unless we recover compensation.

For a free consultation, call our New Hyde Park law firm at 516-358-6900 or contact us online. We speak Spanish and Russian.

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