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Long Island Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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Reliable Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Fatalities and injuries are common in motorcycle accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that in a single recent year, 4,668 people died and 88,000 were injured in motorcycle collisions in the U.S.

The first inclination in any motorcycle accident case may be to assume that blame lies with the motorcycle rider. He or she must have been speeding, reckless or intoxicated. Police officers, insurance adjusters, witnesses and jury members often make the same blame-the-victim assumption and have the same prejudice and bias against motorcyclists in many cases.

This bias has little basis in fact. According to a NHTSA study conducted at the University of Southern California, the most common motorcycle accidents are those in which another driver causes the collision by violating the motorcyclist’s right-of-way in an intersection. This often occurs when the other vehicle turns left in front of an oncoming motorcycle.

Pursuing Justice, Two Wheels at a Time

The experienced motorcycle accident attorneys at Cohen & Jaffe, LLP know how to counter the anti-motorcycle bias and stand up for your rights. We fight to pursue the maximum level of compensation for your suffering and financial hardships. Our firm has a successful track record handling all types of auto accidents.

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Common Motorcycle Crash Injuries

A disproportionate number of fatalities occur among motorcycle riders in relation to the number of motorcycles on the road. In a recent year, there were 58.63 motorcycle fatalities for every 100,000 registered motorcycles, as compared to 9.66 fatalities for every 100,000 registered passenger vehicles, as reported by NHTSA.

Passenger vehicles are heavier than motorcycles and have occupant protection characteristics that motorcycles lack – seat belts, air bags, roofs and door beams, for example. When a motorcycle comes to a sudden stop in a crash, rider ejection from the motorcycle is a common occurrence. According to NHTSA, motorcycle crashes are violent events and more than 80 percent of motorcycle collisions result in injury or death for the rider.

Common injuries sustained in motorcycle collisions include:

  • Head and traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Facial and neck injuries
  • Chest and shoulder injuries
  • Abdominal injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Upper extremity fractures and injuries
  • Lower extremity fractures and injuries
  • Road rash (severe skin abrasions)

New York Motorcycle Helmet Law

All motorcyclists in the state of New York are required to wear helmets, pursuant to the New York universal helmet law enacted in 1967. There is no question that proper helmets save lives and protect accident victims from TBI. More than 40 percent of motorcycle fatalities in recent years involved riders who were not wearing helmets, according to NHTSA.

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident caused by someone else’s negligence while not wearing a helmet, you may be wondering how that fact will affect your claim. Rest assured that you are entitled to pursue a claim for compensation from the driver who caused your accident, whether or not you were wearing a helmet at the time you were hit.

Long Island Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Motorcyclists are at the mercy of automobile drivers. Those drivers are looking out for other cars, not motorcycles. As a result, even the most careful riders are at high risk of injury. Our job is to show how the driver of the car was at fault, and establish that the driver was, for example:

  • Turning left into the path of motorcycle
  • Turning right or changing lanes
  • Following too closely, causing a rear-end collision
  • Slow-and-go at a stop sign
  • Pulling into traffic
  • Distracted driving

Trial lawyers Richard Jaffe and Stephen Cohen have recovered millions of dollars in personal injury and wrongful death cases, including compensation for motorcycle operators and passengers. Our firm has the resources to bring in accident reconstruction specialists and other experts as needed to establish liability for a motorcycle crash.

Long Island personal injury attorney Richard Jaffe’s background as an EMT (emergency medical technician) is an additional advantage to clients. He is familiar with the serious and permanent injuries sustained in bike crashes, including neck and back injuries, broken legs, head trauma and excruciating “road rash” injuries. He is conversant in the medical jargon and knowledgeable about the ongoing care and personal needs associated with those injuries. He even has a motorcycle license himself.

Your Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit, Handled Personally

The stigma against motorcyclists and other barriers demand experienced representation. Beyond the litigation issues, we assist clients with the immediate problems created by an injury accident: finding the right doctors, getting your lost wages, repairing or replacing your mangled motorcycle.

Call our Lake Success law office today or contact us online and we will respond immediately. Our Long Island motorcycle accident lawyer will provide you with a free consultation, and we can come to you.