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With over 50,000 residents, the Village of Hempstead has the greatest population density of any village in New York. In this crowded community, people owe one another many different duties of care.

Drivers must pay attention and drive carefully according to the weather, the road conditions and the traffic around them.

Storekeepers must maintain their premises free of hidden dangers or hazards that could cause a slip, trip or fall, and they must keep areas well-lit and safe for their customers’ security.

Doctors and hospitals must treat patients competently, and nursing homes must hire and supervise staff so that residents aren’t subjected to neglect or abuse. The list goes on, but one constant remains.

New York law allows accident victims to recover compensation for the harm done to them by another’s negligence, and the Hempstead personal injury attorneys at Cohn & Jaffe, LLP are here to see that justice is done and that injury victims receive the care they need and the compensation they deserve.

We’re here to help with any Hempstead personal injury cases, including:

If you believe you have a lawsuit, we can help.

Our attorneys act swiftly and diligently to ensure that you are fully compensated for your injuries and losses.

What types of compensation can I recover in a Hempstead personal injury lawsuit?

Legal damages recoverable in a personal injury claim include medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and property damage. Punitive damages are available in exceptional cases of especially outrageous or reckless behavior.

What are economic damages?

Economic damages refers to the actual financial costs you have incurred or losses you have sustained after an accident. Economic damages can include medical bills for emergency treatment and ongoing care, including the anticipated cost of future treatment you may need. If you missed any work due to your injuries, the lost wages count as economic damages, as well as any future lost income if the injury disables you from working entirely or if you cannot return to your old job at the same pay. Property damage is include among economic damages as well.

What are noneconomic damages?

Noneconomic damages refers to harm you have sustained because of the other party’s negligence for which you should be compensated, but that don’t come with an exact dollar figure attached. The proper amounts to affix to noneconomic damages are decided by the parties through negotiation or by a jury if the case goes to court. Noneconomic damages are sometimes the larger part of a settlement or verdict. Examples of noneconomic damages in Hempstead personal injury cases include pain and suffering from the accident and recovery period, as well as any persistent pain due to nerve damage, disability or other factors; emotional distress; mental anguish; loss of enjoyment of life; and suffering caused by scarring, disfigurement or permanent loss of a limb.

What are punitive damages?

Economic and noneconomic damages are considered “compensatory” damages, because they are meant to compensate the injury victim for their losses. Punitive damages, on the other hand, are for the purpose of punishing a negligent party for especially bad behavior in causing an accident or personal injury. Punitive damages are not available in every case where another party was negligent. In order to get punitive damages, the party’s behavior must have been intentionally dangerous or extremely reckless, wanton or malicious. The size of a punitive damage award depends on the outrageous nature of the conduct as well as the financial means and resources of the at-fault party.

What are exemplary damages?

Exemplary damages are damages that are meant to make an example out of a negligent party who engaged in particularly bad conduct, so that others will pay attention and see what kind of conduct society will not tolerate. The term “exemplary damages” is used interchangeably with punitive damages and must meet the same criteria as punitive damages in order to be awarded.

How much does it cost to hire a personal injury lawyer in Hempstead?

The law firm of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP never charges any fees up front to represent our personal injury clients. Additionally, we advance all costs of pursuing your claim on your behalf. We recover our costs at the end of the case if we are successful, and only then do we charge a fee for our services. You are not out-of-pocket one dime to hire Cohen & Jaffe to represent you.

What if I was partially at fault in causing the accident?

New York’s comparative fault laws allow you to recover even if you were partially to blame, only the amount you recover will be reduced in proportion to your percentage of negligence. Part of our job is to prove the other party’s negligence and protect you from being assigned more of the blame for the accident than is appropriate.

How long do I have to file a claim after a Hempstead personal injury?

The law gives you up to three years from the date of the accident or injury to file a personal injury lawsuit. It’s best to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident to preserve evidence and put you in the best position for a maximum recovery, but even if months have gone by since the accident, you may still benefit from contacting an attorney. At Cohen & Jaffe, it won’t cost you anything to give us a call and talk to a lawyer about your case.

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When you call Cohen & Jaffe for a free consultation, you’ll be put in touch with a team of lawyers who together combine over 100 years of legal experience and millions of dollars in trial verdicts and settlements. You’ll receive personal attention and help with every aspect your Hempstead personal injury claim. Call 866-878-6774 to discuss your case today.

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